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79 (k-d 62)

I am hard and sharp,     strong in entering,
bold in coming out,     good and true to my lord.
I go in underneath     and myself open up
the proper way.     The warrior is in haste
who pushes me from behind     a hero with his dress.
Sometimes he draws me out,     hot from the hole.
Sometimes I go back     in the narrow place—
I know not where.     A southern man
drives me hard.     Say what my name is.
Ic eom heard on scearp     Ingonges strong ·
forðsiþes from     frean unforcuð
wade under wambe     me weg sylfa
ryhtne geryme     rinc bið on ofeste
se mec on þyð     æftanweardne
hæleð mid hrægle     hwilum ut tyhð
of hole hatne     hwilum eft fareð
on nearo nathwær     nydeþ swiþe
suþerne secg     saga hwæt ic hatte

The answer is Gimlet or Poker. “Southern” is a literal translation, meaning perhaps a skilled workman as opposed to the cruder man from northern districts; or one who works from below.