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81 (k-d 87)

I saw a marvelous thing;     it had a big belly
mightily swollen.     A servant followed it,
powerful and strong of hand.     Great I thought him,
a goodly warrior.     He seized hold at once,
with heaven’s tooth     . . . .
blew in its eye.     It barked,
weakened willingly;     would none the less
. . . .     . . . .
Ic seah wundorlice wiht     wombe · hæfde micle ·
þryþum geþrungne ·     þegn folgade
megen strong mundrof     micel me þuhte
godlic gum rīnc     grap on sona
heofones toþe     . . . .
bleowe on eage     hio boncade
wancode willum     hio wolde seþeah

The rest is lacking. This looks like a variant of the preceding riddle. “Heaven’s tooth,” the bite of the wind, has been compared with As You Like It II, vii, l. 177.