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84 (k-d 63)

Often shall I prove     to be a thing of value
to the joys of the hall     when I am brought forth,
happy with gold,     where men are drinking.
Often in the bower     the faithful servant
kisses my mouth     where we two are together …


Oft ic secgan     seledreame sceal ·
fægre onþeon     þōn ic eom forð boren
glæd mid golde     þær guman drincað
hwilum mec on cofan     cysseð muþe
tillic esne     þær wit tu beoþ
fæðme on folm[…]grum þyð
wyrceð his willa[…]ð l[…]
[…] fulre     þōn ic forð cyme
ne mæg ic þy miþan     […]
[…]an on leohte
swylce eac bið sona     […]
[…]r[…]te getacnad     hwæt me to[…]
[…]leas rinc     þa unc geryde wæs

There were eleven more lines, now fragmentary. The answer is probably Beaker, with suggestive undertones. Tupper quotes a modern riddle in which Gill is used punningly for liquid measure and a girl’s name.