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85 (k-d 67)

I have heard     of a splendid thing,
of the Lord of peoples,     a word of incantation …

Several defective lines and then the conclusion:

                              I have become
a teacher of peoples,     live an eternal life
in many lands,     while men inhabit
the bosom of earth.     I have often seen it
adorned with gold     where men were drinking,
with treasures and silver.     Say if you can,
if you are wise enough,     what this thing is.


Ic on þinge gefrægn     þeodcyninges
wrætlice wiht     wordgaldra
[…] snytt[…] hio symle deð
fira gehw
[…] wisdome     wundor me þæt […]
[…]     nænne muð hafað
fet ne
[…]     welan oft sacað
cwiþeð cy
[…] wearð
leoda lareow     forþon nu longe m
[…] ealdre     ece lifgan
missenlice     þenden menn bugað
eorþan sceatas     Ic þæt oft geseah
golde gegierwed     þær guman druncon
since seolfre     secge se þe cunne
wisfæstra hwylc     hwæt seo wiht sy