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86 (k-d 71)

I am a strong man’s property     clothed in red [gold?].
My place was first     the hard steep ground
with fair bright herbs.     Now I am the leavings of harsh things,
the fire and the file.     I am closely constrained
and honored with wires.     He sometimes weeps,
the bearer of gold,     because of my grasp
when I shall ravage …

Ic eom rices æht     reade bewæfed
stið steapwong     staþol wæs Iu þa
wyrta wlitetorhtra     nu eom wraþra laf
fyres feole     fæste genearwad
wire geweorþad     wepeð hwilum
for minum gripe     se þe gold wigeð ·
þōn ic yþan sceal    
hringum gehyrsted     me bi
[…]go[…]dryhtne     min[…]
[…]wlite bete