Ann Glenday Letter 1824-10-26

Ann Glenday Letter 1824-10-26
by Ann Glenday

This letter and the next by James Glenday are part of the same folded letter sheet. Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, January 22, 2000.

Patt Glenday is also known as Peter Glenday, father of Anne and James.


To: Mr. Patt. Glenday; Messenger at Arms, New Rattray by Blairgowrie, North Brittain

From: St. Charles Mo. 27th Oct, 1824

Marked: Paid 25

By the first packet New York

Dear Father

These few lines are to comply with your request that I should write you with my own hand. however I am such a poor hand both to write and to indite that nothing but the request of a kind and indulgent parent would have induced me to comply. knowing that you will freely overlook my blemishes which a stranger or even a companion would make sport off. Suffer me than your unworthy daughter first to present to you her most sincere regard and esteem, and than to Helen and Thom and Andrew my love and best wishes for there welfare. O but I would like to see you and be with you and them. But I think would not like to live in Scotland I am happy at uncle Thomas suffer me never the less to give to you Dear Father my most sincere thanks for being so mindfull of me in providing so freely for my convenence in money matters / before you left here.

We have had an uncomenly wet spring and usumm[] and the general supposition was that it would be very sickely but thanks be to the most high it has turened out otherwise for we may freely say it has been very healthy. Dear Father I have no doubt but that you like to live in Scotland better than in a america as ever thing comes natural to you there, but to me who I may say has been raised here ever every is natural to me here and if I have my health in it as well as I allways have had I should not like to come to Scotland where I think I should not like to live. But do make Hellen write me and tell the History of life since she left here. and she promised to write Eliza and aunt Lindsay too doo remind her of her promise. I hope thomas and Andrew will write me too. give my love to them all and to all inquiring frinds uncle and aunt wishes to be remembred to you all.

with my love & sincere esteem am Dear Father yours Ann Glenday