Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography/Atkinson, Edward

ATKINSON, Edward, economist, b. in Brookline, Ma., 10 Feb., 1827. He was educated in private schools, is president of the Boston manufacturers' mutual insurance company, and has invented an improved kitchen stove, known as the “Aladdin cooker.” He has received the degrees of Ph. D. from Dartmouth college and that of LL. D. from the University of South Carolina. For nearly four decades Mr. Atkinson has been actively engaged in the distribution of brochures of which he is the author on banking, competition, cotton manufacture, economic legislation, fire prevention, industrial education, the money question, and the tariff. He is an anti-expansionist, opposing war in the Philippines, and during 1899 published a series of pamphlets, which he sent broadcast over the land, entitled “The Anti-Imperialist.” He has also issued “The Distribution of Products” (New York, 1885); “Margin of Profits” (1887); and “Industrial Progress of the Nation” (1889).