Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography/Bellamy, Edward

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BELLAMY, Edward, author, b. in Chicopee Falls, Mass., 26 March, 1850; d. there, 22 May, 1898. He was educated at Union college, but was not graduated. In 1871, after studying law, he was admitted to practice. For several years he was assistant editor of “The Union,” Springfield, Mass.; an editorial writer of the “New York Evening Post,” and with his brother Charles established the Springfield “Daily News.” He was a frequent contributor to the magazines. Failing health led him in time to seek the aid of the Colorado climate, but without substantial benefit. His principal works are “Six to One, a Nantucket Idyl” (New York, 1877); “Dr. Heidenhoff's Process” (1879); “Miss Ludington's Sister, a Romance of Immortality” (Boston, 1885); “Looking Backward, or 2000-1887” (1888); and “Equality,” a sequel to “Looking Backward” (1897). These last two works had a wide circulation, and the first was translated into Arabic, French, German, and Russian, awakening almost as much interest in the Old world as in the New.