Articles of Capitulation of Fort Detroit

Articles of Capitulation of Fort Detroit  (1812) 
Camp Detroit, August 10th, 1812.

Capitulation of surrendering Fort Detroit, entered into between Maj. Gen. Brock, commanding his Britannic Majesty's forces of the one part, and Brig. General Hull, commanding the Northwest army of the United States of the other part.

Article First. Fort Detroit, with all the troops, regulars as well as militia, will be immediately surrendered to the British forces under the command of Maj. Gen. Brock, and will be considered prisoners of war, with the exception of such of the militia of the Michigan Territory, as have not joined the army.

Article 2nd. All public stores, arms and public documents including everything also of public nature, will be immediately given up.

Article 3d. Private property and private persons of every description will be respected.

Article 4th. His excellency, Brig. Gen. Hull, having expressed a desire that a detachment from the state of Ohio on its way to join his army, as well as one sent from Fort Detroit, under the command of Col. McArthur, should be included in the above capitulation, it is accordingly agreed to.

It is, however, to be understood, that such parts of the Ohio militia as have not joined the army, will be permitted to return home on condition that they will not serve during the war; their arms, however, will be delivered up if belonging to the public.

Article 5th. The garrison will march out at the hour of 12 o'clock this day and the British forces take immediate possession of the fort.

J. McDonald, Lieut. Col. Militia, P. A. D. C.
J. B. Glegg, Major, A. D. C.
James Miller, Lieut. Col. 5th U. S. Inft.
E. Brush, Col. 1st. Reg. Mich. Militia.

Com. Hull, Brig. Gen.
Comm'g. N. W. Army.

Isaac Brock, Maj. Gen.

A true Copy:
Robt. Nichol, Lieut. Col. & Qr. M. Gen. Militia.

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