Author:Albert Ernest Wier

Albert Ernest Wier

American music editor and writer, violinist, pianist and composer. Inventor of the "Opera Master" (projected notes synchronised to the music) and the "Arrow System of Score Reading" (to indicate main themes within a work).




  • The Most Popular Violin Pieces (1907)
  • Songs the Whole World Sings (1915) IA
  • Songs That Reach the Heart (1915)
  • Grand Opera With a Victrola (1916) IA
  • The Child's Own Music Book (1918) (transcription project)
  • Masterpieces of Piano Music (1918) IA
  • An Encyclopedia of the Violin (1926)
  • Light Opera at Home (1928)
  • Songs of the Sunny South (1929)
  • What Do You Know About Music? (1930)
  • The Scribner Radio Music Library (1931)
  • The Nine Symphonies of Beethoven in Score (1935)
  • The Symphonies of Brahms and Tschaikowsky in Score (1935)
  • The Symphonies of Haydn, Schubert and Mozart in Score (1936)
  • Famous Symphonic Poems in Score (1938)
  • The Macmillan Encyclopedia of Music and Musicians (1938)
  • The Chamber Music of Beethoven (1940)
  • The Chamber Music of Brahms (1940)
  • The Chamber Music of Haydn and Schubert (1940)
  • The Chamber Music of Mozart (1940)
  • Miscellaneous Chamber Works (1940)
  • Classic Violin Concertos (1940)
  • The Piano: Its History, Makers, Players and Music (1940)
  • Romantic and Modern Piano Concertos (1940)
  • Romantic and Modern Violin Concertos (1940)
  • Thesaurus of the Arts (1943)

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