Author:Arthur Berriedale Keith

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Arthur Berriedale Keith

British constitutional lawyer, scholar of Sanskrit and Indologist. He became Regius Professor of Sanskrit and Lecturer in Constitutional History in the University of Edinburgh.


  • The Theory of State Succession (1907)
  • (tr.) The Śāṅkhāyana Āraṇyaka (1908)
  • Responsible Government in the Dominions (1909)
  • (tr.) The Veda of the Black Yajus School: entitled Taittiriya Sanhita (1914) (transcription volumes: 1, 2)
  • Imperial Unity and the Dominions (1916) IA
  • Indian Mythology in The Mythology of All Races, edited by Louis Herbert Gray and George Foot Moore (1917) (transcription project)
  • The Sāṁkhya System: A History of the Smakhya Philosophy (1918) IA
  • The Belgian Congo and the Berlin Act (1919) IA
  • (tr.) Rigveda Brahamas: The Aitareya and Kauṣītaki Brāhmaṇas of the Rigveda (1920) IA
  • A History of Sanskrit Literature (1920)
  • The Karma-Mīmāṁsā (1921) IA
  • War Government of the British Dominions (1921)
  • Indian Logic and Atomism: An Exposition of the Nyāya and Vaiçeṣika Systems (1921) IA
  • Dominion Home Rule in Practice (1921) IA
  • Speeches & Documents on Indian Policy, 1750-1921 Vol 1 (1922)
  • Speeches & Documents on Indian Policy, 1750-1921 Vol 2 (1922)
  • Buddhist Philosophy in India and Ceylon (1923)
  • Classical Sanskrit Literature (1923) IA
  • The Sanskrit Drama in its Origin, Development, Theory & Practice (1924) IA
  • The Constitution, Administration, and Laws of the Empire (1924) IA
  • The Religion and Philosophy of the Veda and Upanishads (1925)
  • The Sovereignty of the British Dominions (1929)
  • Dominion Autonomy in Practice (1929)
  • Constitutional History of the First British Empire (1930)
  • An Introduction to British Constitutional Law (1931)
  • The Constitutional Law of the British Dominions (1935)
  • The Government of the British Empire (1935)
  • A Constitutional History of India: 1600-1935 (1936)
  • The King and the Imperial Crown (1936)
  • The Privileges and Rights of the Crown (1936)
  • The Dominions as Sovereign States (1938)
  • The British Cabinet System, 1830-1938 (1939)
  • The Constitution of England from Queen Victoria to George VI (1940)
  • The British Commonwealth of Nations (1940)
  • The Causes of the War (1940)
  • The Constitution under Strain (1942)

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