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Carolyn Wells

American author and poet who wrote a total of more than 170 books; firstly concentrated on poetry, humor and children's books; later, devoted herself to the mystery genre; best remembered for her mystery books, especially The Clue (1909), and her light verse which include several classic limericks

Carolyn Wells


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Adult fictionEdit

  • Alan Ford
    • The Bride of a Moment (1916)
    • Faulkner's Folly (1917)
  • Anthologies (as editor)
    • A Nonsense Anthology (1910)
    • A Parody Anthology (1904)
    • Such Nonsense, An Anthology (1918)
    • The Best American Mystery Stories of the Year (1931, 1932)
    • The Book of Humorous Verse Project Gutenberg

Children's fictionEdit

  • The Dorrance family
    • The Dorrance Domain (1905)
    • Dorrance Doings (1906)
  • Other novels
    • Folly in Fairyland (1901)
    • In the Reign of Queen Dick (1904)
    • Dick and Dolly (1909)
    • Dick and Dolly's Adventures (1910)
    • The Story of Betty (1911)

Collections of other storiesEdit

  • Children of Our Town From the Collections at the Library of Congress


    • On Finishing Collector (1926)
    • The Technique of the Mystery Story (1913)
    • An Outline of Humor (1923) (external scan)
    • Book of American Limericks (1925)

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