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Christopher Morley
American journalist, novelist, essayist and poet; best known for his 1939 novel Kitty Foyle, which was made into an Academy Award-winning movie. Another well-known work is Thunder on the Left (1925)
Christopher Morley


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  • Mince Pie: Adventures on the sunny side of Grub Street (1919) (sketches) illus Walter Jack Duncan PG
  • Pipefuls (1920) (humorous essays) illus Walter Jack Duncan IA PG
  • Making Books and Magazines: a commentary on the motion picture film taken at the Country Life Press (1916) IA
  • Shandygaff (1918) (essays) [1] IA PG
  • Travels in Philadelphia, with drawings by Frank H. Taylor (1920) (sketches)
  • Modern Essays (1921) IA PG
  • The Powder of Sympathy (1923) (collection of humorous essays) illus Walter Jack Duncan IA
  • Religio Journalistici (1924) IA
  • Old Loopy: a Love Letter for Chicago (1937) (not renewed) IA



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  1. Full title: Shandygaff; a number of most agreeable inquirendoes upon life and letters, interspersed with short stories and skitts, the whole most diverting to the reader; accompanied also by some notes for teachers whereby the booke may be made usefull in class-room or for private improvement


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