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Dmitri N. Smirnov (D. Smirnov-Sadovsky)
(Дмитрий Смирнов) also D. Smirnov-Sadovsky; Russian and British composer, and translator
Dmitri N. Smirnov (D. Smirnov-Sadovsky)


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  1. Sacred song heals the sick spirit

Alexander Blok

  1. Night. City calmed down


  1. Time's river in its rushing current

Kharms: (moved to

  1. Blue notebook No. 10
  2. Four illustrations of that how a new idea strikes a person unprepared for it


  1. Where have we come from? Where are we going?
  2. What is the benefit of our arrival and departure?
  3. The Rose said: “Oh, my most radiant beauty
  4. What do you mean to the world? – Nothing!


  1. Invocation by Laughter

Lermontov: (See also Wikilivres)

  1. Farewell, farewell, unwashed Russia
  2. The Sail
  3. The Pine Tree
  4. From beneath a mysterious and ice-cold half-mask

Mandelstam: (See also Wikilivres)

  1. A meagre beam in a cold measure → Wikilivres
  2. And I go out from space → Wikilivres
  3. And Schubert on the water, and Mozart in the bird's hubbub → Wikilivres
  4. And the toothed paw of the maple tree → Wikilivres
  5. Blok – a king → Wikilivres
  6. Do you remember runners in → Wikilivres
  7. Eyelashes are stinging. Tear took a fancy to the chest → Wikilivres
  8. The Fly → Wikilivres
  9. From needle-shaped pestilential glasses → Wikilivres
  10. From the semi-dark hall, suddenly → Wikilivres
  11. Hagia Sophia → Wikilivres
  12. Help me, The Lord, to live through the night → Wikilivres
  13. I'm given a body — what to do with it? → Wikilivres
  14. I love the uprise of a texture (1) → Wikilivres
  15. I love the uprise of a texture (2) → Wikilivres
  16. Insomnia. Homer. The rows of stretched sails → Wikilivres
  17. More tender than tender
  18. No, it is not a migraine, but pass me a pencil of menthol
  19. O butterfly, O Moslem-woman → Wikilivres
  20. O let me go, Voronezh, O return me → Wikilivres
  21. Overcoming the firmness of nature → Wikilivres
  22. O, we are so afraid, I and you → Wikilivres
  23. Sisters heaviness and tenderness — your signs are the same → Wikilivres
  24. Stalin Epigram → Wikilivres
  25. Telephone cries at the door → Wikilivres
  26. Tell me, Desert Draftsman → Wikilivres
  27. The careful and muted sound → Wikilivres
  28. The Christmas trees are shining → Wikilivres
  29. The dull air is moist and resounding → Wikilivres
  30. The Light Moscow Rain → Wikilivres
  31. The tiny appendage of the sixth sense → Wikilivres
  32. To read only children's books → Wikilivres
  33. When after destroying the sketches → Wikilivres
  34. You want to be like a baby toy → Wikilivres


  1. But Could You?
  2. Comprehensive Picture of Spring
  1. The Singer
  2. Awakening
  3. Elegy
  4. The Horse
  5. To*** Kern 1825


  1. Di – stance: versts, miles

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