Author:Edgar Jepson

Edgar Jepson

English writer, principally of mainstream adventure, detective and children's fiction; but also of and some supernatural and fantasy stories; and for his translation of Arsene Lupin. Pseudonym: R. Edison Page

Edgar Jepson


  • Sir Jones (as Jean F. Darrell Poges)
  • Sibyl Falcon (1895)
  • The Keepers of the People (1898)
  • On the Edge of Empire (1899) with David Beames
  • The Dictator's Daughter (1902)
  • The Horned Shepherd (1904)
  • Tangled Wedlock (1908) IA
  • The Mystery of the Myrtles (1909)
  • The Girls' Head (1910)
  • The House on the Mall (1911) IA
  • Captain Sentimental and other stories (1911)
  • Lord Lisdor (1910)
  • Alice Devine (1916) IA
  • The Professional Prince (1917)
  • Ann Annington (1918)
  • Prince in Petrograd (1922)
  • Peter Intervenes (1926)

For information only

  • Memories of a Victorian (1933, Autobiography)
  • Memories of an Edwardian and Neo-Georgian (1937, Autobiography)

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