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Author:Florence Earle Coates/Poetry on the works of others

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Poetry on the works of others
Works by Florence Earle Coates on the works of others.






  1. On rereading Shelley's "Cenci".
  2. After the French of Victor Hugo.
  3. Edward Noyes Westcott.
  4. After a letter (XXXVI) from John Keats to Fanny Brawne.
  5. On the work by Matthew Arnold.
  6. On Eugène Simon's "La Cité Chinoise".
  7. Also published as "A Traveller from Altruria"—a Utopian novel by William Dean Howells.
  8. Also published as To John Luther Long, on seeing his opera "Madame Butterfly".
  9. After the French of Victor Hugo.
  10. Also published as "The Angelus".
  11. On the theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911.
  12. After a painting by William Trost Richards.
  13. Since the bombardment of Strasburg, August 14, 1870, her statue in Paris, representing Alsace, has been draped in mourning by the French people.
  14. Also published as "Che Faro Senza Eurydice!"
  15. "The inspired Leader of the Philadelphia Orchestra, on listening to the great Schubert."