Author:George Tracy Marsh

George Tracy Marsh
America author and poet best known for his stories of the Canadian wilderness. Wrote using his full name or as George Marsh, George T. Marsh.


  • Toilers of the Trails (1921) illus. Frank E. Schoonover
    • For the Great Father — Out of the Mist — A Little Tragedy at Coocoocache — When the Prince Came Home — With the Winter Mail — The Valley of the Windigo — The Quest of Narcisse Lablanche — The Land of His Fathers — The High Brotherhood
  • Under Frozen Stars (1921)
  • The Whelps of the Wolf (1922) (as Breed of the Wolf, in Popular magazine, Jan 20 1922) illus. Frank E. Schoonover
  • The Valley of Voices (1924)

Works from magazinesEdit

  • "The Baiting of Sampson," (ss) Short Stories Nov 1909
  • "Exit," Scribners, March 1918
  • "Fleet o' Dreams," Scribner's, September 1924,
  • "From the Roofs," Scribner's, June 1912
  • "McCleod's Partner," (ss) Red Book Jan 1922
  • "The Mistake of M. Bruette," (ss) Red Book Mar 1921
  • "The Moods," Scribner's, December 1909
  • "Night in the Hospital," (pm) Forum Oct 1909
  • "Once at Drowning River," (ss) Red Book Sep 1921
  • "The Valley of Voices," (sl, 7-parts) Red Book May—Nov 1924
  • "The Voyageurs," (pm) Outing May 1910


Some or all works by this author are in the public domain in the United States because they were published before January 1, 1925.

The author died in 1945, so works by this author are also in the public domain in countries and areas where the copyright term is the author's life plus 70 years or less. Works by this author may also be in the public domain in countries and areas with longer native copyright terms that apply the rule of the shorter term to foreign works.