Author:Harrison Smith Morris

Harrison Smith Morris

Philadelphia businessman, author, and philanthropist.


  • Where meadows meet the sea. A collection of sea songs and pastoral lays (1892)
  • In the yule-log glow (1892)
  • Tales from ten poets (1893)
  • Tales from Shakespeare (1894)
  • "Florence Earle Coates" from Book News Monthly (December 1898) Vol. 17 No. 196:191.
  • Lyrics and landscapes (1908)
  • Travels near home: written for The Site and Relic Society of Germantown and read at the meeting of October 25, 1909 (1910)
  • Masterpieces of the Sea. William T. Richards; a brief outline of his life and art (1912)
  • Hannah By (1920)
  • The landlord's daughter (1923)
  • Walt Whitman: a brief biography with reminiscences (1920 or 1929)
  • Martial notes of the old war and the new; dedicated to the G.A.R. passing by on the march to immortality (1929)
  • Confessions in art (1930)


  • Madonna, and other poems (1894)

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