Author:Herbert Edward Forrest

Herbert Edward Forrest

British naturalist and antiquary



  • Forrest, Herbert Edward (1899). The fauna of Shropshire: being an account of all the mammals, birds, reptiles & fishes found in the county of Salop. With an introduction dealing with the physical features of the county, a copious index, a chapter on the principal naturalists who have done work in connection with the subject, and a short account of the Wild birds protection acts. Shrewsbury: Wilding.  (external scan) (bhl)
  • —— (1907). The vertebrate fauna of North Wales. London: Witherby. 
  • The old houses of Shrewsbury: their history and associations (1911) (external scan) 1912, Shrewsbury : Wilding. Third edition 1921.
  • The old houses of Wenlock and Wenlock Edge: their history and associations (1915). Shrewsbury (Eng.) : Wilding son.
  • —— (1919). A Handbook to the vertebrate fauna of North Wales. London: Witherby.  (external scan) (bhl), (external scan) (IA), (external scan) (IA).
  • with Forrest, F.B.S. (1923). A History of the Forrest Family of Birmingham & Shrewsbury, with their connections with the Miller, Vaux and Jeffreys families. [With portraits.]. Wellington, Shropshire: Printed for private circulation. 
  • The old houses of Stratford-upon-Avon (1925a). London : Methuen (with 8 plates in colour and 37 other illustrations).
  • —— (1925b). The Story of Stokesay Castle. Shrewsbury: Wilding.  Other editions: 1927, 1931, 1938.
  • —— (1933). The Atlantean continent: Its bearing upon the great ice age and the distribution of species. London: Witherby. 

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  • "Obituary. Jannion Steele Elliott (1871-1942)" (pdf on Commons). (1942-07-01) 36 (2): 35.



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