Author:James Hopper

James Hopper
French-born American author and early college football player and coach. Many of his works were published in McClure's Magazine.
James Hopper


Individual short worksEdit

  1. The Judgment of Man [McClure's, Aug 1905]
  2. The Maestro of Balangilang [McClure's, Mar 1905]
  3. Her Reading
  4. The Struggles and Triumph of Isidro de los Maestros [McClure's, Apr 1906]
  5. The Failure [McClure's, Jan 1904]
  6. Some Benevolent Assimilation (McClure's, Sep 1906)
  7. A Jest of the Gods
  8. The Coming of the Maestra [McClure's, Aug 1904]
  9. Caybigan (McClure's, Jul 1906)
  10. The Capture of Papa Gato
  11. The Mañangete
  12. The Past [McClure's, Jun 1904]
  13. The Prerogative
  14. The Confluence [McClure's, Oct 1906]
  15. The Call [McClure's, Dec 1903]

Short works from magazinesEdit


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