Author:Jannion Steele Elliott

Jannion Steele Elliott
British ornithologist and naturalist


  • The Vertebrate Fauna of Bedfordshire. Birmingham: privately published; printed by Robert Birbeck & Sons. (1897)
  • 'Purple Heron in Herts,' Zool. 1903
  • Concerning the Manor House, Dowles, and its demesne... With illustrations, plans, and map. Dudley: Herald Press. (1918)
  • "Local Duck Decoys". Survey of Ancient Buildings 3. Aspley Guise: Bedfordshire Historical Record Society. 1936. 
  • Bedfordshire 'vermin' Payments: Concerning the Destruction of 'vermin' by Parish Officials During the XVI-XIX Centuries, with Extracts from Their Accounts. Luton Beds.: Luton Public Museum. 1936. 

Works about ElliottEdit

  • Short announcement of the publication of the last part of The Vertebrate Fauna of Bedfordshire (1901) in The Zoologist, 4th series, vol 6, issue 729 (March, 1902), p. 117.
  • Forrest, H.E. (Herbert Edward) (1942-07-01). "Obituary. Jannion Steele Elliott (1871-1942)" (PDF). British Birds. 36 (2): 35.


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