Author:John Davys Beresford

John Davys Beresford
Wrote as J. D. Beresford. English writer, now remembered for his early science fiction and some short stories in the horror story and ghost story genres. Beresford was a great admirer of H. G. Wells, and wrote the first critical study of Wells in 1915.


(partial list)

  • The Early History of Jacob Stahl (1911) IA
  • The Hampdenshire Wonder (1911) (as "The Wonder" in US, 1917)
  • A Candidate for Truth (1912) (sequel to "The Early History of Jacob Stahl") IA
  • Goslings: A World of Women (1913)
  • The House in Demetrius Road (1914)
  • The Mountains of the Moon (1915)
  • The Invisible Event (1915) (sequel to "A Candidate for Truth") IA
  • These Lynneskers (1916) IA
  • House-Mates (1917) IA
  • God's Counterpoint (1918)
  • The Jervaise Comedy (1919)
  • An Imperfect Mother (1920)
  • Revolution: A Story of the Near Future in England (1921) (as "Revolution: a novel" in US) IA

Non fictionEdit

  • H.G. Wells (1915) criticism
  • William Elphinstone Ford (1917) with Kenneth Richmond biography

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