Author:John Dury

John Dury
[Scottish Calvinist minister and a significant intellectual of the English Civil War period. He made efforts to re-unite the Calvinist and Lutheran wings of Protestantism; a prolific preacher, pamphleteer and writer.


  • Analysis Demonstrativa
  • Paraenesin
  • Answer to the Lutherans
  • De pace inter evangelicos procuranda sententiæ quatuor quarum tres a reverendis Dominis episcopis (1638) with Thomas Morton, John Davenant, Joseph Hall
  • A Briefe Relation of That Which Hath Been Lately Attempted to Procure Ecclesiasticall Peace Amongst Protestants (1641)
  • A summary discourse concerning the work of peace ecclesiasticall (1641)
  • Consultatio theologica super negotio pacis ecclesiasticæ promovendo (1641)
  • Good counsells for the peace of reformed churches (1641) with John Davenant, Thomas Morton, Joseph Hall and James Ussher
  • A motion tending to the publick good of this age and of posteritie (1642)[1]
  • An epistolary discourse (1644)
  • A model of church-government (1647)
  • Considerations tending to the happy Accomplishment of Englands Reformation in Church and State (1647) with Samuel Hartlib
  • The Reformed School (1648), edited by H. M. Knox (1958)
  • Considerations Concerning the Present Engagement[2] (1649)
  • A Seasonable Discourse[3] (1649)
  • The Reformed Librarie-Keeper; or, Two copies of letters concerning the place and office of a librarie-keeper (1650)
  • The unchanged, constant, and single-hearted Peace-maker drawn forth into the world (1650)
  • Objections Against the Taking of The Engagement Answered (1650)
  • Jvst re-proposals to humble proposals (1650)
  • The Reformed Spiritual Husbandman (1652)[4]
  • A summarie platform of the heads of a body of practicall divinity which the ministers of the Protestant churches abroad have sued for, and which is farther enlarged in a treatise intituled, An earnest plea for gospel-communion (1654)
  • A Declaration of John Dury, to make known the Truth of his Way and Deportment in all these Times of Trouble (1660)
  • Irenicorum Tractatuum Prodromus (1662)
  • Extractum ex harmonia confessionum oblatum ecclesiis reformatis ut examinetur antequam opus ipsum Lutheranis offeratur (1671)
  • Touchant l'intelligence de l'Apocalypse par l'Apocalypse même (1674)
  • Le Vrai Chrestien (1676)
  1. Suggested the setting-up of a public lectureship on Scriptural learning; Hill p.237.
  2. See Hill English Bible, pp.191-2.
  3. A Seasonable Discourse ... 1. What the Grounds and Method of our Reformation ought to be in Religion and Learning. 2. How, even in these times of distraction, the Work may be advanced: By the Knowledge of Orientall tongues and Jewish mysteries; By an agency for advancement of universall learning.
  4. Mainly by Hartlib, PDF extract.

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