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Lewis Spence
Lewis Spence

Full name: James Lewis Thomas Chalmbers Spence


Selected works from WikipediaEdit

Ancient Britain

  • The Mysteries of Britain: Secret Rites and Traditions of Ancient Britain Restored, (1905, reprinted 1994) London: Senate. ISBN 1-85958-057-2
  • The Magic Arts in Celtic Britain, (1949, Reprint 1999) Dover Publications, ISBN 0-486-40447-1
  • Celtic Spells and Charms, (Reprint 2005) Kessinger Publishing ISBN 1-4253-1046-X
  • The History and Origins of Druidism, 1949


  • An Encyclopaedia of Occultism: A compendium of information on the occult sciences, occult personalities, psychic science, magic, demonology, spiritism and mysticism, (1920, Reprinted 2003) Dover Publications, ISBN 0-486-42613-0
  • Occult Causes of the Present War, (1940, Reprint 1997) Kessinger Publishing, ISBN 0-7661-0051-0
  • Second Sight: Its History and Origins, Rider 1951

Atlantis and other lost worlds

  • The Problem of Atlantis, London, 1924[1]
  • Atlantis in America, London: Ernest Benn, 1925
  • The History of Atlantis (1927, Reprinted 1995) Adventures Unlimited Press, ISBN 0-932813-28-3
  • The Occult Sciences in Atlantis, (Reprinted 1976) Mokelumne Hill Press, ISBN 0-7873-1292-4
  • The Atlantis of Plato
  • The Evidence For Lemuria From Myth And Magic
  • The Problem of Lemuria: The Sunken Continent of the Pacific, London: Rider & Co., 1932[2]


  • The Popul Vuh: The Mythic and Heroic Sagas of the Kiches of Central America, London, David Nutt, 1908
  • A Dictionary of Mythology, 1910
  • The Myths of the North American Indians, London: George G. Harrap & Co, 1914
  • Myths and Legends of Babylonia and Assyria (New York:Stokes) 1917; (Reprint 1997) Kessinger Publishing, ISBN 1-56459-500-5[3]
  • The Legends and Romances of Spain ca. 1920
  • An Introduction to Mythology George G. Harrap & Co., 1921
  • The Gods of Mexico, Fisher Unwin Ltd., 1923
  • The Mysteries of Egypt, or, The Secret Rites and Traditions of the Nile, 1929
  • The Magic and Mysteries of Mexico, 1932
  • Legends and Romances of Brittany, 1917
  • The Minor Traditions of British Mythology, 1948, London: Rider & Co., Reprinted 1972, Benjamin Blom, Inc ISBN 0-405-08989-9
  • The Outlines of Mythology, 1944
  • British Fairy Origins: The Genesis and Development of Fairy Legends in British Tradition, London: Watts & Co., 1946
  • Fairy Tradition in Britain, (1948, Reprint 1997) Kessinger Publishing ISBN 1-56459-516-1
  • Hero Tales and Legends of the Rhine
  • Ancient Egyptian Myths and Legends, (Reprint 1990) Dover, ISBN 0-486-26525-0
  • Scottish Ghosts and Goblins, 1952


  • Collected Poems of Lewis Spence, 1953
  1. The reviewer R.N.R.B. in The Geographical Journal 64.2 (August 1924:181-182) remarked that "in reading this book one cannot help feeling that the author believes more than the evidence warrants" and that "he is rash in stating that there is proof that Greenland has moved 2500 yards in forty years."
  2. The reviewer O.R. in The Geographical Journal 81.2 (February 1933:181-182) found Spence's evidences well marshalled and noted that biological and geological evidences were set aside as conflicting with Spence's view that a fair-complexioned race "remarkable chiefly for their arcane knowledge and their prowess as builders" inhabited now-sunken lands of the Pacific; the reviewer notes Spence's lack of bibliography and casual references to books whose titles he rarely offers.
  3. "A readable popular account" began the reviewer in The Biblical World, (51.2 [February 1918: 112-113]) who found its breezy attempt to "contain the pure gold of Babylonian romance freed from the darker ore of antiquarian research", in Spence's words, a camouflage for Spence's "totally inadequate preparation."

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The author died in 1955, so works by this author are also in the public domain in countries and areas where the copyright term is the author's life plus 60 years or less. Works by this author may also be in the public domain in countries and areas with longer native copyright terms that apply the rule of the shorter term to foreign works.