Author:Lobsang Rampa

Lobsang Rampa
Lobsang Rampa


  • The Third Eye (1956)
  • Doctor From Lhasa (1959)
  • The Rampa Story (1960) Copyright not renewed.
  • The Cave of the Ancients (1963)
  • Living with the Lama (1964)
  • You Forever (1965)
  • Wisdom of the Ancients (1965)
  • The Saffron Robe (1966)
  • Chapters of Life (1967)
  • Beyond the Tenth (1969)
  • Feeding the Flame (1971)
  • The Hermit (1971)
  • The Thirteenth Candle (1972)
  • Candlelight (1973)
  • Twilight (1975)
  • As It Was (1976)
  • I Believe (1977)
  • Three Lives (1977)
  • Tibetan Sage (1980)

Works about Lobsang RampaEdit

Mama San Ra-Ab Rampa 'Wife'

  • Pussywillow (1976)
  • Tigerlily (1978)
  • Autumn Lady (1980)

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