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Matthew Phipps Shiel

British author; born in the West Indies; did most of his writing in Britain; an early science fiction author

Matthew Phipps Shiel




  • The Rajah's Sapphire (1896), with uncredited W. T. Stead
  • An American Emperor: The Story of the Fourth Estate of France (1897), uncredited, with Louis Tracy
  • The Yellow Danger (1898); full title The Yellow Danger; Or, what Might Happen in the Division of the Chinese Empire Should Estrange All European Countries, serialised 1898 as The Empress of the Earth: The Tale of the Yellow War; issued in the U.S. 1898 as China in Arms, 1899 revised as The Yellow Danger: The Story of the World's Greatest War
  • Contraband of War (1899)
  • Cold Steel (1899, revised 1929)
  • The Man-Stealers (1900)
  • The Lord of the Sea (1901, revised 1924), plotted as Notebook II
  • The Purple Cloud (1901, revised 1929), serialised 1901 as Notebook III
  • The Weird o' It (1902), serialised 1902 as In Love's Whirlpool
  • Unto the Third Generation (1903)
  • The Evil That Men Do (1904)
  • The Lost Viol (1905)
  • The Yellow Wave (1905) – non-fantastic, based on the contemporary Russo-Japanese War
  • The Last Miracle (1906, revised 1929), plotted by 1898 as Notebook I
  • The White Wedding (1908)
  • The Isle of Lies (1909)
  • This Knot of Life (1909)
  • The Dragon (1913), serialised 1913 as To Arms!, revised as The Yellow Peril (1929)
  • Children of the Wind (1923)
  • How the Old Woman Got Home (1927)
  • Dr. Krasinski's Secret (1929)
  • The Black Box (1930)
  • Say Au R'Voir But Not Goodbye (1933)
  • This Above All (1933), reissued as Above All Else (1943)
  • The Young Men Are Coming! (1937)
  • The New King (1981), alternately entitled The Splendid Devil, written c. 1934–45

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