54 BC

During this year politics were comparatively uneventful. Crassus was gone to Syria. Pompey should have gone to Spain, but at the request of the senate he stayed near Rome, and in the autumn his wife Iulia died, thus breaking one strong tie between him and Caesar. Quintus Cicero went as legatus to Caesar and accompanied him to Britain. Cicero himself kept up a correspondence with Caesar, and seems to nurse his friendship with him with an almost feverish eagerness, which, however, lacks spontaneity. He was engaged this year in composing his treatise on the Republic.

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  • I: To Tiro, from Cumae, 10 April[1]  
  • II: To Tiro, from Cumae, 11 April  
  • III: To Tiro, from Cumae, 12 April  
  • IV: To Tiro, from Cumae, 19 May  

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  1. Shuckburgh gives several possible dates for the letters to Tiro. I have settled for 54 BC because other letters show Cicero was in Cumae in April and May.