Author:Marie Adelaide Belloc Lowndes

Marie Adelaide Belloc Lowndes

British novelist, sister of Hilaire Belloc. She had a literary reputation for combining exciting incident with psychological interest. Her most famous novel, 'The Lodger (1913), based on the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888, has been adapted for the screen five different times. Pen names: Mrs. Belloc Lowndes, Marie Belloc Lowndes

Marie Adelaide Belloc Lowndes


  • H.R.H. The Prince of Wales: an account of his career. US & UK (1898, as Anon)
    • Rev. 1901 as His Most Gracious Majesty King Edward VII
  • The Philosophy of the Marquise (1899)
  • T.R.H. The Prince and Princess of Wales (1902, as Anon.)
  • The Heart of Penelope (1904, US 1915)
  • Barbara Rebell (1905, US 1907)
  • The Pulse of Life: a story of a passing world (1908, US 1909)
  • Studies in Wives (1909, US 1910)
  • The Uttermost Farthing (1908, US 1910)
  • According to Meredith (1909)
  • Studies in Wives. Short Stories (1909)
  • When No Man Pursueth: an everyday story (1910, US 1911)
  • Jane Oglander (1911)
  • Mary Pechell (1912)
  • Studies in Love and Terror (1913) short stories
  • Noted Murder Mysteries (1914 as by 'Philip Curtin')
  • Told in Gallant Deeds: A Child's History of the War (1914)
  • Good Old Anna (1915, US 1916)
  • Price of Admiralty (1915)
  • The Red Cross Barge (1916, US 1918)
  • Lilla: A Part of Her Life (1916, US 1917)
  • Love and hatred (1917, US 1917)
  • Out of the War (1918, 1934 as The Gentleman Anonymous)
  • The Lonely House (1920, US & UK)
  • From the Vast Deep (1920, US 1921 as From Out the Vasty Deep)
  • Why They Married (Lowndes) (1922)
  • The Philanderer (1923)

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