Author:Mary Gaunt

Mary Gaunt
An Australian novelist. Pen names: M. Gaunt
Mary Gaunt



  • Dave's Sweetheart (1894)
  • Kirkham's Find (1897)
  • Deadman's: An Australian Story (1898)
  • Mistress Betty Carew (1903)
  • The Arm of the Leopard: A West African Story (1904: with John Ridgwell Essex)
  • Fools Rush In (1906: with John Ridgwell Essex)
  • The Silent Ones (1909: with John Ridgwell Essex}
  • The Mummy Moves (1910)
  • The Uncounted Cost (1910)
  • Every Man's Desire (1913)
  • A Wind from the Wilderness (1919)
  • As the Whirlwind Passeth (1923)


  • Bingley's Gap (1888)
  • Down in the World (1893)[1]
  • The Other Man (1894) [2]

Short stories and collectionsEdit

  • The Moving Finger (1895)
    • Trotting Cob — Christmas Eve at Warwingie — Lost — The Loss of the "Vanity" — Dick Stanesby's Hutkeeper — The Yanyilla Steeplechase — A Digger's Christmas
  • The Ends of the Earth: Stories (1915)
  • The Surrender and Other Happenings (1920)
  • Life at Deadman's: Stories of Colonial Victoria (2001)

Short stories from magazinesEdit


  • Alone in West Africa (1912)
  • A Woman in China (1914)
  • A Broken Journey: Wanderings from the Hoang-Ho to Saghalien (1919)


  • Where the Twain Meet (1922) travel

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