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Maude Dominica Petre

English Roman Catholic nun, writer and critic involved in the Roman Catholic Modernist controversy


  • Aethiopum Servus: A Study in Christian Altruism (1896)
  • Where Saints Have Trod: Some Studies in Asceticism (1903)
  • Catholicism and Independence: Being Studies in Spiritual Liberty (1907)
  • Translator of poems of Friedrich Nietzsche included in Oscar Levy's the Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche Vol. 10: The Joyful Wisdom ('La Gaya Scienza') (1910):
  • Autobiography and Life of George Tyrrell (in 2 volumes) (1912)
  • Reflections of a Non-Combatant (1915)
  • Modernism: Its Failure and Its Fruits (1918)
  • Democracy at the Cross-Roads (1918)
  • State Morality and a League of Nations (with James Walker) (1919)
  • The Two Cities, or Statecraft and Idealism (1925)
  • The Ninth Lord Petre, or Pioneers of Roman Catholic Emancipation (1928)
  • My Way of Faith (1937)
  • Von Hügel and Tyrrell: The Story of a Friendship (1937)
  • Alfred Loisy: His Religious Significance (1944)
  • A Week End Book of Thought and Prayer (edited by Peter C. Erb) (1998)


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