Author:Pierre Schaeffer

Pierre Schaeffer

French composer, writer, broadcaster, and engineer most widely recognized as the chief pioneer of musique concrète, a unique form of experimental music that began in Europe during the mid-1900s. His writings (which include written and radio-narrated essays, biographies, short novels and a number of musical treatises) are often oriented towards his development of the genre, as well as the theoretics and philosophy of music in general. He is considered one of the most important experimental musicians.

Pierre Schaeffer


  • Basic Truth ("Revue Musicale"; 1938)
  • Chlothar Nicole (1938)
  • Tobias (1939)
  • America, We Ignore You (1946)
  • Secular Games (1946)
  • The Non-Visual Element of Films (1946)
  • The Choirboys (1949)
  • Introduction to Concrete Music ("Polyphonie"; 1950)
  • In Search of a Concrete Music (1952)
  • Towards an Experimental Music ("Revue Musicale"; 1957)
  • The Old Man And His Movements (1964)
  • Concrete Music (1967)
  • Music and Acoustics (1967)
  • The Guardian of The Volcano (1969)
  • Machines for Communicating 1. Genesis of Simulacra (1970)
  • The Future Backwards (1970)
  • From Musical Experience to the Human Experience (1971)
  • Music and Computers (1971)
  • Machines for Communicating 2. Power and Communication (1972)
  • From Concrete Music to Music Itself (1977)
  • Treatise on Musical Objects (1977)
  • Excuse Me, I'm Dying and Other Fabulations (1981)
  • Prelude, Chorale and Fugue (1981)
  • Faber and Sapiens (1986)

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