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Richard T. Ely

United States economist and author

Richard T. Ely


  • French and German Socialism in Modern Times, 1883 (external scan)
  • Recent American socialism, 1884 (external scan)
  • The past and the present of political economy, 1884 (external scan)
  • The labor movement in America, 1886 (external scan)
  • Science economic discussion, 1886 (external scan)
  • Taxation in American states and cities, 1888 (external scan)
  • Problems of to-day; a discussion of protective tariffs, taxation, and monopolies, 1888 (external scan)
  • Social aspects of Christianity, and other essays, 1889 (external scan)
  • An introduction to political economy, 1889 (external scan)
  • Outlines of economics, 1893 (external scan)
A syllabus for Economics I, 1911 (external scan)
Elementary economics manual, 1915 (external scan)
  • The Universities and the Churches, 1893 short work (external scan)
  • Socialism: an examination of its nature, its strength and its weakness, with suggestions for social reform, 1894 (external scan)
  • Political economy in the schools of the South, 1894 v short work (external scan)
  • My brother and I; selected papers on social topics, with others 1895 (external scan)
  • The social law of service, 1896 (external scan)
  • The Strength and Weakness of Socialism, 1899 (external scan)
  • Monopolies and Trusts, 1900 (external scan)
  • National leaflet, the relation of temperance reform to the Labor Movement, 1900 short work (external scan)
  • The coming city, 1902 (external scan)
  • Studies in the evolution of industrial society, 1903 (external scan)
  • Elementary Principles of Economics, 1904 (external scan)
  • Property and contract in their relations to the distribution of wealth, 1914 vol 1, vol 2
  • The Foundations of National Prosperity: Studies in the Conservation of Permanent National Resources, 1917 (external scan)
  • The World War and leadership in a democracy, 1918 (external scan)
  • Outlines of land economics, 1922 vol 2
  • The taxation of land, 1922 short work (external scan)
  • Urban land economics, 1922 (external scan)

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