Author:Robert Wilson (d.1600)

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Wilson, Robert
English dramatist and actor; older references attributed to a son Robert, b. 1579, which modern sources say was an incorrect attribution


  • A right excellent and famous Comedy called the Three Ladies of London. Wherein is Notablie declared and set foorth, how by the meanes of Lucar, Loue and Conscience is so corrupted, that the one is married to Dissimulation, the other fraught with all abhomination. A Perfect Patterne for all Estates to looke into, and a worke right worthie to be marked (1584)
  • The Pleasant and Stately Morall of the three Lordes and three Ladies of London. With the great Joy and Pompe, Solemnized at their Mariages, commically interlaced with much honest Mirth, for pleasure and recreation, among many Morall observations, and other important matters of due Regard (1590)
  • The Coblers Prophesie (1594)
  • The Pedlers Prophesy (1595) [attribution uncertain]
  • Fair Em, the Miller's Daughter of Manchester; with the love of William the Conqueror (1631) [attribution uncertain]

Lost worksEdit

  • Catiline

Works attributed to the reputed youngerEdit

Lost worksEdit

  • Earl Goodwin and his Three Sons, Parts 1 and 2 (March 1598), with Michael Drayton, Henry Chettle, and Thomas Dekker;
  • Piers of Exton (March 1598), with Drayton, Chettle, and Dekker
  • Black Bateman of the North, Parts 1 and 2 (May–June 1598), with Chettle; Part I also with Dekker and Drayton
  • The Funeral of Richard Cordelion (June 1598), with Chettle, Drayton, and Anthony Munday
  • The Madman's Morris (July 1598), with Dekker and Drayton
  • Hannibal and Hermes (July 1598), with Dekker and Drayton
  • Pierce of Winchester (July–August 1598), with Dekker and Drayton
  • Catiline's Conspiracy (August 1599), with Chettle
  • Chance Medley (August 1598), with Munday, Drayton and Dekker or Chettle
  • Sir John Oldcastle, Part 2 (Oct 1599), with Drayton, Munday and Hathwaye
  • Henry Richmond, Part 2, with others
  • Owen Tudor (Jan. 1600), with Drayton, Hathwaye and Munday
  • Fair Constance of Rome, Part 1 (June 1600), with Dekker, Drayton, Hathwaye and Munday

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