Author:William Allen White

William Allen White

American newspaper editor, politician, and author; winner of a 1923 Pulitzer Prize for his editorial "To an Anxious Friend." In his novels and short stories, White developed his idea of the small town as a metaphor for understanding social change and for preaching the necessity of community.

William Allen White


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  • The Real Issue: A Book of Kansas Stories (1896)
  • The Court of Boyville (1899)
  • Stratagems and Spoils: Stories of Love and Politics (1901)
  • In Our Town (1906)
  • A Certain Rich Man (1909)
  • God's Puppets (1916)
  • The Martial Adventures of Henry & Me (1918)
  • In the Heart of a Fool (1918)


  • Rhymes by Two Friends, with Albert Bigelow Paine (1893)

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