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William Warde Fowler
English historian and ornithologist, known for his works on ancient Roman religion. Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford; Sub-Rector, 1881-1904. Gifford Lecturer, Edinburgh University, 1908.[1]
This author wrote articles for the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica.
Articles attributed to this author are designated in EB1911 by the initials "W. W. F.* "



  • Life of Julius Caesar (1892)
  • The Roman Festivals of the Period of the Republic (1899)
  • Social Life at Rome in the Age or Cicero (1909)
  • The Religious Experience of the Roman People (1911)
  • Rome (1912)
  • Roman Ideas of Deity in the last century before the Christian era (1914), Macmillan
  • Roman Essays and Interpretations (1920), Clarendon Press, Oxford


  • A Year with the Birds (1886; revised editions 1886 and 1889)
  • Tales of the Birds (1888)
  • Summer Studies of Birds and Books (1895) (transcription project)
  • More Tales of the Birds (1902)

Contributions to The ZoologistEdit

  • 'The Marsh Warbler in Oxfordshire,' in 3rd series vol 16 (1892), pp. 303–309 PDF
  • 'On the Breeding of the Marsh Warbler Acrocephalus palustrus,' in 3rd series vol 20 (1896), pp. 286–288 PDF
  • Fowler, W. Warde (1898). "Tree Pipit in January". The Zoologist. 4th series, vol 2 (issue 681, March—section 'Notes and Queries'): 122. 
  • —— (1898). "Rooks and Buttercup Bulbs". The Zoologist. 4th series, vol 2 (issue 681, March—section 'Notes and Queries'): 124. 
  • —— (1898). "On the Date of the Arrival of the House Martin". The Zoologist. 4th series, vol 2 (issue 684, June—section 'Notes and Queries'): 267–269. 
  • —— (1898). "The Marsh Warbler in Oxfordshire". The Zoologist. 4th series, vol 2 (issue 686, August—section 'Notes and Queries'): 356–358. 
  • —— (1901). "On the Winter Singing of the Song Trush (Turdus musicus)". The Zoologist. 4th series, vol 5 (issue 720, June): 212–218 (short note in section 'Notes and Queries'). 
  • 'Acrocephalus palustrus: A Breeding Record of Fourteen Years,' in 4th series vol 10 (1906), pp. 401–409 PDF


  • Study of a Typical Mediaeval Village (1895)
  • Kingham Old and New. Studies in a rural parish (1913), Oxford, Blackwell
  • Essays in Brief for War Time (1916)

Contributions to 1911 Encyclopædia BritannicaEdit

Works about FowlerEdit

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