Away with Our Fears!

Away with our fears;
The Godhead appears
In Christ reconcil'd,
The Father of Mercies in Jesus the child.

He comes from above,
In manifest love,
The desire of our eyes,
The meek Lamb of God in a manger he lies.

At Immanuel’s birth
What a triumph on earth!
Yet could it afford
No better place for its heavenly Lord.

The ancient of days,
To redeem a lost race,
From his glory comes down,
Self-humbl'd to carry us up to a crown.

Made flesh for our sake,
That we might partake
The nature divine,
And again in his image, his holiness shine;

An heavenly birth
Experience on earth,
And rise to his throne,
And live with our Jesus eternally one.

Then let us believe,
And gladly receive
The tidings they bring,
Who publish to sinners their Saviour and King.

And while we are here,
Our King shall appear,
His Spirit impart,
And form his full image of love in our heart.