Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities (1879)/Kappa Kappa Gamma

This society, composed of ladies, was founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Ill., by Miss Anna Willits, Mrs. Minnie Nelson, née Stewart, Miss Jennie Boyd, and Mrs. Louise Boyd, née Beunett. A proposition to establish a chapter of another society resulted in the foundation of this new one, which was formally organized Oct. 13, 1870. The chapter roll is as follows:

  1. Alpha, Monmouth College, 1870.
  2. Beta, Knox College, 1871 (died 1874).
  3. Gamma, Smithson College, 1872 (died 1875).
  4. Gamma, Wooster University, 1876.
  5. Delta, Indiana University, 1873.
  6. Epsilon, Illinois Wesleyan University, 1874.
  7. Zeta, Rockford Seminary, 1874 (died 1876).
  8. Eta, Wisconsin University, 1875.
  9. Theta, Missouri University, 1875.
  10. Iota, Indiana Asbury University, 1875.
  11. Lambda, Bechtel College, 1876.
  12. Mu, Butler University, 1878.
  13. Nu, Franklin College (Indiana), 1879.

Although anti-fraternity laws have been passed by the faculty of Monmouth College, they do not seem to have affected the ladies, and the Alpha Chapter is yet flourishing. Knox College has declined in number and reputation for some time past, and this fact was undoubtedly the reason for the decease of the Beta. The charters of the Gamma and Zeta have both been withdrawn. The average membership of the chapters has been small, and the total membership to date is 250. The society admits of honorary members.

The badge is a gold key a little over an inch in length; the key is jewelled, and on it are the letters “ΚΚΓ” and “ΑΩΟ” in black enamel. It is unique in design and very pretty. The colors are pale blue and bronze.