Balmford, Samuel (DNB00)

BALMFORD, SAMUEL (d. 1659?), puritan divine, is the author of two sermons published in 1659, after his death, 'Habakkuk's Prayer applyed to the Churches present occasions, on Hab. iii. 2; and Christ's Counsel to the Church of Philadelphia, on Rev. iii. 11, preached before the Provincial Assembly at London. By that late reverend and faithful minister of Jesus Christ, Mr. Samuel Balmford, pastor of Albons, Wood Street,' 8vo. From Thomas Parsons's address to the reader, it appears that the two sermons were intended as a first instalment of a collected edition of Balmford's writings; but nothing more was published. Parsons speaks of the author's piety and ability in terms of very high praise. We are told that he 'was a person of eminent orthodoxy of word and life, by both which as a burning and shining light he was an exact and powerful teacher; the observant eye of impartial conversers with him finding the transcript of his sermons in his life, his actions being living walking sermons. … For his labours in the ministry he was one would not do the work of the Lord negligently nor offer unto God what cost him nothing or a corrupt thing, when as indeed he (if any) had a male in the flock, and was a workman that needed not be ashamed.' Edmund Calamy adds a note in corroboration of the editor's testimony.

[Habakkuk's Prrayer applyed to the Churches present occasions, &c., Lond. 1659, 8vo.]

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