Barker, John (fl.1464) (DNB00)

BARKER, JOHN (fl. 1464), scholar of King's College, Cambridge, came up from Eton in 1464, and was author of a book called ‘Scutum Inexpugnabile,’ a work on Logic. From this he was called the Logic or Sophister of King's College, Sophister being the name for a student in his second year, when logic was principally studied. This book was read in King's College, but apparently not elsewhere. Mr. Brian Rowe, scholar of King's College in 1499, wrote a recommendatory preface to it. No trace of the work is to be found in the Cambridge University library or the British Museum. Barker died ‘a brother of the order of the Fryars Minorets.’

[Skeleton Collegii Regalis Cantab. by Anthony Allen, MS.]

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