Barlow, Rudesind (DNB00)

BARLOW, RUDESIND (1585–1656), Benedictine monk, elder brother of the Benedictine, Edward Barlow [q. v.], became superior of St. Gregory's at Douay. Weldon relates that Barlow was looked upon as one of the first divines and canonists of his age; and that 'he exerted the force of his pen against Dr. Richard Smith (who governed the catholics of England under the title of Chalcedon), and succeeded in forcing him to desist from his attempts and pretended jurisdiction of ordinary of Great Britain.' Barlow died at Douay 19 Sept. 1656. Weldon adds that 'after the death of this renowned monk, a bishop sent to the fathers of Douay to offer them an establishment if they would but make him a present of the said father's writings. But in vain they were sought for, for they were destroyed by an enemy.'

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