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Baskerville, Thomas (1630-1720) (DNB00)

BASKERVILLE, THOMAS (1630–1720), topographer, the fourth son of Hannibal Baskerville, the antiquary [q. v.], was born at Bayworth House, Sunningwell, near Abingdon, in 1630, since, according to the ‘Visitation of Berkshire,’ his age on 16 March 1664 was thirty-four. He wrote an account of a journey which, in 1677 and 1678, he made through several counties in England; and a part of his manuscript relating to Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, and Gloucestershire is still preserved in the Harleian Collection. This journal, though referred to by several of his contemporaries, mainly consists of short notes of the towns and places successively visited by the writer, interspersed with epitaphs copied in churchyards, and some doggerel verse. He died on 9 Feb. 1720.

[Harleian MSS. 1483, 6344, and 4716, 53 i.; Wood's Athenæ (Bliss), Life, xxxiii, xxxiv, p. 86; Granger's Letters, p. 264; Hearne's MS. xi. 38.] E. D. J.