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Basset, Ralph (d.1282?) (DNB00)

BASSET, RALPH (d. 1282?), baronial leader, was lord of Sapcote, Leicestershire. By the Provisions of Oxford (1258) he was appointed constable of Northampton (Ann. Burt.), and he was one of the sureties ex parte baronum for the observance of the Mise of Amiens (December 1263). He was again entrusted by the barons with Northampton (Pat. 47 Hen. III, m. 5), and was appointed, after Lewes, custos pacis for Leicestershire (4 June 1264). As ‘Radulfus Basset de Sapercote’ he was summoned to Simon de Montfort's parliament (24 Dec. 1264), and fought at Evesham (4 Aug. 1265) in the ranks of the barons (Esch. 49 Hen. III, n. 3).

[Dugdale's Baronage, i. 382; First Report on the Dignity of a Peer, p. 145.]

J. H. R.