Basset, William (d.1249?) (DNB00)

BASSET, WILLIAM (d. 1249?), judge, was possibly son of Simon Basset, of Sapcote [see Basset, William, d. 1185? ad fin.], but his parentage is uncertain. Forfeited for rebellion in 1216, he was restored on returning to his allegiance in 1217. He assisted as a justiciar, in assessing the fifteenth for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire in 1225 (Fœdera, i. 177), and was appointed a justice itinerant for these counties 27 May 1226. He again appears as a justice itinerant in 1227 and 1232, and he probably died about July 1249, when Robert, his heir, did homage. Another William Basset was an advocate under Edward II and Edward III, and was elevated to the bench of the Common Pleas about 1337. On 18 Oct. 1341 he was transferred to the King's Bench, where he sat till about 1350.

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J. H. R.