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Bavand, William (DNB00)

BAVAND, WILLIAM (fl. 1559), having been educated at Oxford, became a student in the Middle Temple, and published in 1559 ‘A work touching the good ordering of a Common Weale in 9 Books,’ a translation from Ferrarius Montanus. The book is dedicated to Queen Elizabeth. Scattered up and down the work are several verse-translations of passages from classical poets. Jasper Heywood, in his translation of Seneca's ‘Thyestes’ (1560), mentions Bavand in these words:—

There Bavande bides that turned his toil
A common wealth to frame,
And greater grace in English gives
To worthy authors name.

[Tanner's Bibliotheca Britannico-Hibernica; Wood's Athenæ (ed. Bliss), i. 310.]

A. H. B.