Baxter, Roger (DNB00)

BAXTER, ROGER (1784–1827), jesuit, was a native of Walton-le-Dale, near Preston, in Lancashire. He finished his studies at Stonyhurst, and entered the Society of Jesus in 1810. After rendering great services to the missions of Maryland and Pennsylvania, he died at Philadelphia on 24 May 1827, in the thirty-fourth year of his age. He wrote:

  1. ‘Remarks on a Sermon preached by the Rev. J. Le Mesurier, B.D., in which the invocation of saints and angels, as now practised in the church of Rome, is attempted to be shown as idolatrous,’ Lond. 1816.
  2. ‘The most important Tenets of Roman Catholics fairly explained,’ Washington, 1819, Philadelphia, 1845, often reprinted.

[Oliver's Jesuit Collections, 51; Backer's Bibl. des Ecrivains de la Compagnie de Jésus (1869), i. 468.]

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