Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Bayly, Anselm

BAYLY, ANSELM (d. 1794), author of various works, chiefly of a theological and critical nature, was educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where he took the degree of B.C.L. on 12 June 1749. He entered the church and rose to some distinction in that profession, becoming minor canon of St. Paul's and also of Westminster, and sub-dean of the Chapel Royal. On 15 Jan. 1750–1 he was presented by the chapter of St. Paul's to the vicarage of Tottenham, Middlesex. In 1764 (10 July) he took the degree of D.C.L. In 1787 he patented an elastic girdle, designed to prevent and relieve ruptures, fractures, and swellings. He died in 1794. He published the following works: 1. ‘The Antiquity, Evidence, and Certainty of Christianity,’ London, 1751, 8vo. 2. ‘An Introduction to Languages Literary and Philosophical, especially to the English, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, exhibiting at one view their Grammar, Rationale, Analogy, and Idiom,’ London, 1758, 8vo. 3. ‘A Collection of Anthems used in His Majesty's Chapel Royal,’ London, 1769, 8vo. 4. ‘A Practical Treatise on Singing and Playing, being an Essay on Grammar, Pronunciation, and Singing,’ London, 1771. 5. ‘A plain and complete Grammar of the English Language,’ London, 1772, 8vo. 6. ‘A Grammar of the Hebrew Language,’ London, 1773. 7. An edition of the Bible with notes, 1773. 8. An edition of the Old Testament with notes, 1774. 9. ‘The Commandments of God in Nature, Institution, and Revelation,’ London, 1778, 8vo. 10. ‘Remarks on Mr. David Levi's Answer to Dr. Priestley's Letters to the Jews’ (under the pseudonym of Antisocinus). 11. ‘The Alliance of Music, Poetry, and Oratory,’ with a dedication to William Pitt, London, 1789, 8vo. This work comprises: (1) a theory of music, (2) a dissertation on prosody, (3) a brief treatise on rhetoric.

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