Beale, Francis (DNB00)

BEALE, FRANCIS (fl. 1656), was the author of the 'Royall Game of Chesse Play, sometimes the Recreation of the late King with many of the Nobility, illustrated with almost one hundred Gambetts, being the study of Biochimo, the famous Italian,' London, 1656. A portrait of Charles I, engraved by Stent, forms the frontispiece of the volume; the dedication is addressed to Montague, Earl of Lindsey. The book is translated from Gioacchimo Greco's famous work on chess; was reissued in 1750, and again in 1819 (with remarks by G. W. Lewis). He contributed a poem to 'The Teares of the Isle of Wight shed on the tombe of ... Henrie, Earle of Southampton, ... as also James, Lord Wriothesley,' London, 1625; a copy of which is in the Grenville Library. The poem is reprinted in Malone's 'Shakspeare' (1821), xx. 452.

[Brit. Mus. Cat.; Hunter's MS. Chorus Vatum in MSS. Addl. 24489 f. 285.]

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