Belfast Brigade

Craigavon sent the Specials out

Craigavon sent the Specials out,
To shoot the people down,
He thought the IRA were dead,
In dear old Belfast town,
But he got a rude awakening,
With his rifle and grenade,
When he met the first Battalion,
Of the Belfast Brigade.


Glory, glory to old Ireland,
Glory, glory to the sireland,
Glory to the memory of the men
Who fought and died,
"No surrender" is the war cry of

The Belfast Brigade.

The Specials came from Holywood,
Equipped with English guns,
There were men by the thousand,
Ammunition by the ton,
But when they got to Seaforde street,
They were seriously delayed,
By the fighting First Battalion
Of the Belfast Brigade.


We have no armoured cars,
Nor tenders for to show,
But we're ready to defend ourselves,
No matter where we go,
We're out for our Republic,
And to hell with your Free State,
"No surrender" is the War cry
Of the Belfast Brigade.


Come all you gallant Irishmen,
And join the IRA
We'll strike a blow for freedom,
When it comes a certain day,
You know your country's History,
And the sacrifice it made,
Come join the First Battalion
Of the Belfast Brigade.