Believers Assemble, Come With Songs To Bethlem

For other English-language translations of this work, see Adeste Fideles.
Believers Assemble, Come With Songs To Bethlem  (1816) 
Anonymous, translated by Anonymous

1. Believers assemble, come with songs to Bethlem,
O come ye, O come ye with one accord;
View with surprise, a child, the king of angels,
O come, and let us worship Christ the Lord.

2. Behold! God of God, and Light of Light, th’ Almighty,
The womb of a virgin to man afford ;
God, very God, begotten, not created,
O come, &c.

3. Then to Jesus let glory be ascribed,
Whose birth on this day life to us restor’d ;
Word of th’ eternal Father in our nature,
O come, &c.

4 Break forth into singing, all ye choirs angelic,
In numbers celestial be God ador’d ;
Glory to God, exalted in the highest,
O come, &c.