Bible (Bishops')/Luke

Chapter 1Edit

1Forasmuche as manye haue taken in hande, to set foorth in order, ye declaration of those thynges whiche are moste surelye to be beleued among vs,

2Euen as they deliuered them vnto vs, which from the begynnyng sawe them them selues with their eyes, and were ministers of the worde:

3I determined also, assoone as I had searched out diligently all thinges from the begynnyng, that then I woulde write vnto thee, moste excellent Theophilus.

4That thou myghtest knowe the certentie of those thinges wherof thou hast ben infourmed.

5There was in the dayes of Herode the kyng of Iurie, a certaine priest, named Zacharias, of the course of Abia, & his wyfe was of the daughters of Aaron, & her name was Elizabeth.

6They were both ryghteous before God, and walked in all the lawes and ordinaunces of the Lorde, that no man coulde fynde fault with them.

7And they had no chylde, because that Elizabeth was barren: and they both were nowe well stricken in age.

8And it came to passe, that when Zacharie executed the priestes office before God, as his course came,

9Accordyng to ye custome of the priestes office, his lot was to burne incence, whe he went into the temple of the Lorde.

10And the whole multitude of the people were without in prayer, whyle the incence was burnyng.

11And there appeared vnto hym an Angel of the Lorde, standyng on the ryght syde of the aulter of incence.

12And when Zacharias sawe him, he was troubled, and feare came vpo him.

13But the Angel sayde vnto him: Feare not Zacharie, for thy prayer is hearde: and thy wyfe Elizabeth shall beare thee a sonne, & thou shalt cal his name Iohn.

14And thou shalt haue ioy and gladnesse, and many shall reioyce at his birth.

15For he shalbe great in the syght of the Lorde, and shall neither drynke wine nor strong drynke: and he shalbe fylled with the holy ghost, euen from his mothers wombe.

16And many of the chyldren of Israel, shall he turne to their Lorde God.

17And he shall go before hym, with the spirite and power of Elias, to turne the heartes of the fathers to the chyldren, and the disobedient to the wisedome of the iust men, to make redy a perfect people for the Lorde.

18And Zacharias saide vnto the Angel: By what token shall I know this? For I am olde, and my wyfe well stricken in yeres.

19And the Angel aunswered, and sayde vnto hym: I am Gabriel that stande in the presence of God, and am sent to speake vnto thee, and to shewe thee these glad tydynges.

20And beholde, thou shalt be dumbe, & not be able to speake, vntyll the day that these thynges be perfourmed, because thou beleuedst not my wordes, whiche shalbe fulfylled in their season.

21And the people waited for Zacharias, and marueyled that he taried so long in the temple.

22And when he came out, he coulde not speake vnto them. And they perceaued that he had seene a vision in the temple: For he beckened vnto them, and remayned speachlesse.

23And it came to passe, that assoone as the dayes of his office were out, he departed into his owne house.

24And after those dayes, his wyfe Elizabeth conceaued, and hyd her selfe fiue monethes, saying:

25Thus hath the Lorde dealt with me, in the dayes wherein he loked on me, to take fro me my rebuke among men.

26And in the sixth moneth, the Angel Gabriel was sent from God, vnto a citie of Galilee, named Nazareth,

27To a virgin, spoused to a man whose name was Ioseph, of the house of Dauid, and the virgins name was Marie.

28And the Angel went in vnto her, and sayde: Hayle [thou that art] freelie beloued, the Lorde is with thee, blessed art thou among women.

29And when she sawe hym, she was troubled at his saying, and caste in her mynde what maner of salutation that shoulde be.

30And the Angel saide vnto her: Feare not Marie, for thou hast founde grace with God.

31For beholde, thou shalt conceaue in thy wombe, and beare a sonne, & shalt call his name Iesus.

32He shalbe great, & shalbe called ye sonne of the hyest: & the Lord God shall geue vnto him the seate of his father Dauid:

33And he shall reigne ouer the house of Iacob for euer, and of his kyngdome there shalbe none ende.

34Then said Marie vnto ye Angel: How shall this be, seing I knowe not a man?

35And the Angel aunswered, & saide vnto her: The holy ghost shall come vpon thee, & the power of the hyest shall ouershadowe thee. Therefore also that holy thyng whiche shalbe borne, shalbe called the sonne of God.

36And beholde, thy cosin Elizabeth, she hath also conceaued a sonne in her olde age: & this is her sixth moneth, whiche was called barren.

37For with God, shall nothyng be vnpossible.

38And Marie saide: Beholde the handmayden of the Lorde, be it vnto me accordyng to thy worde. And the Angel departed from her.

39And Marie arose in those dayes, & went into the hyll countrey with haste, into a citie of Iuda,

40And entred into the house of Zacharie, and saluted Elizabeth.

41And it came to passe, that when Elizabeth hearde the salutation of Marie, the babe sprang in her wombe, and Elizabeth was fylled with the holy ghost.

42And she cryed with a loude voyce, and saide: Blessed art thou among women, because ye fruite of thy wombe is blessed.

43And whence commeth this to me, that ye mother of my lord should come to me?

44For loe, assoone as the voyce of thy salutation sounded in mine eares, the babe sprang in my wombe for ioy.

45And blessed is she that beleued: For those thinges shalbe perfourmed, which were tolde her from the Lorde.

46And Marie saide: My soule magnifieth the Lorde.

47And my spirite reioyceth in God my sauiour.

48For he hath loked on the lowe degree of his handmayden: For loe, now from hencefoorth shal all generations call me blessed.

49Because, he that is mightie, hath done to me great thinges, & holy is his name,

50And his mercy is on them that feare him, from generation to generation.

51He hath shewed stregth with his arme, he hath scattered them that are proude, in the imagination of their heartes.

52He hath put downe the myghtie fro their seates, and exalted them of lowe degree.

53He hath fylled the hungry with good thynges, & sent away the riche emptie.

54He hath helped his seruaunt Israel, in remembraunce of his mercy,

55(Euen as he promised to our fathers, Abraham, and to his seede) for euer.

56And Marie abode with her about three monethes, and returned agayne to her owne house.

57Elizabethes tyme came, that she shoulde be deliuered, and she brought foorth a sonne.

58And her neyghbours, and her cosins hearde howe the Lorde hadde shewed great mercy vpo her, and they reioyced with her.

59And it came to passe, that on the eyght day they came to circumcise the chylde, and called his name Zacharias, after the name of his father.

60And his mother aunswered, and said: not so, but he shalbe called Iohn.

61And they sayde vnto her: There is none in thy kinrede that is named with this name.

62And they made signes to his father, howe he woulde haue hym called.

63And he asked for wrytyng tables, and wrote, saying, his name is Iohn. And they marueyled all.

64And his mouth was opened immediatly, and his tounge [loosed] & he spake, and praysed God.

65And feare came on all them that dwelt nye vnto them: And all these sayinges were noysed abrode throughout all the hyll countrey of Iurie.

66And all they that hearde them, layde them vp in their heartes, saying: What maner of chylde shall this be? And the hande of the Lorde was with hym.

67And his father Zacharias was filled with ye holy ghost, & prophesied, saying:

68Praysed be ye Lord God of Israel, for he hath visited & redeemed his people.

69And hath raysed vp an horne of saluation vnto vs, in the house of his seruaunt Dauid.

70Euen as he promised by the mouth of his holy prophetes, whiche were sence the worlde began.

71That he would saue vs from our enemies, and from the hande of all that hate vs.

72That he would deale mercyfully with our fathers, and remember his holy couenaunt.

73And that he woulde perfourme the oth, which he sware to our father Abraham, for to geue vs.

74That we, beyng deliuered out of the handes of our enemies, might serue him without feare,

75All the dayes of our life, in [such] holynesse and righteousnes [as are accepted] before hym.

76And thou childe shalt be called the prophete of the hyghest: for thou shalt go before the face of the Lorde, to prepare his wayes.

77To geue knowledge of saluation vnto his people, by the remission of their sinnes.

78Through ye tender mercy of our God, wherby the day spryng from an hygh hath visited vs.

79To geue lyght to them that sitte in darknesse, and in the shadowe of death, to guide our feete into the way of peace.

80And the chylde grewe, and waxed strong in spirite, and was in wildernesse till the day came when he should shewe hym selfe vnto the Israelites.

Chapter 2Edit

1And it came to passe in those dayes, yt there went out a commaundement fro Augustus Cesar, that all the world should be taxed.

2(And this first taxing was made, when Syrenius was liefetenaunt in Syria.)

3And euery man went vnto his owne citie, to be taxed.

4And Ioseph also went vp from Galilee, out of the citie Nazareth, into Iurie, vnto the citie of Dauid, whiche is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and image of Dauid,

5To be taxed with Marie his spoused wyfe, which was with chylde.

6And so it was, that whyle they were there, the dayes were accomplysshed, that she shoulde be deliuered.

7And she brought foorth her first begotten sonne, and wrapped him in swadlyng clothes, & layde hym in a manger, because there was no rowme for them in the Inne.

8There were in ye same countrey sheepheardes, abydyng in the fielde, & watchyng their flocke by nyght.

9And loe, the Angel of the Lorde stoode harde by them, and the glorie of the Lorde shone rounde about them, & they were sore afrayde.

10And the Angel sayde vnto them, be not afrayde: For beholde, I bryng you tydynges of great ioy, that shall come to all people.

11For vnto you is borne this daye, in the citie of Dauid, a sauiour, which is Christ the Lorde.

12And take this for a signe: Ye shal finde the childe wrapped in swadling clothes, and layde in a manger.

13And straightway, there was with the Angel, a multitude of heauenly souldiers, praysyng God, and saying:

14Glorie to God on hye, and peace on the earth, and vnto men a good wyll.

15And it came to passe, assoone as the Angels were gone away from them into heauen, the sheepheardes said one to another: Let vs go nowe euen vnto Bethlehem, and see this thyng that is come to passe, whiche the Lorde hath shewed vnto vs.

16And they came with haste, and founde Marie and Ioseph, and the babe layde in a manger.

17And when they had seene it, they publisshed abrode the saying whiche was tolde them, of that childe.

18And all they that hearde it, wondred at those thinges which were tolde them of the sheepheardes.

19But Marie kept al those sayinges, and pondered them in her heart.

20And the sheepheardes returned, praysyng & laudyng God, for all the thinges that they had hearde and seene, euen as it was tolde vnto them.

21And when the eygth day was come, that the chylde shoulde be circumcised, his name was called Iesus, whiche was so named of the Angel, before he was conceaued in the wombe.

22And when the dayes of her purification, after the lawe of Moyses, were accomplished, they brought hym to Hierusalem, to present him to the Lord.

23(As it is written in the lawe of ye Lord: Euery man chylde that firste openeth the wombe, shalbe called holy to ye lord)

24And to offer, as it is sayde in the lawe of the Lorde, a payre of turtle doues, or two young pigions.

25And beholde, there was a man in Hierusalem, whose name was Simeon: and the same man was iust and godlye, and loked for the consolation of Israel, and the holy ghost was vpon hym.

26And a reuelation was geuen hym of the holy ghost, not to see death, before he had seene the Lordes Christe.

27And he came by inspiration into the temple: And when the father & mother brought in the chylde Iesus, to do for hym after the custome of the lawe,

28Then toke he hym vp in his armes, & praysed God, and sayde:

29Lord nowe lettest thou thy seruaut depart in peace, accordyng to thy promise.

30For mine eyes haue seene thy saluatio,

31Whiche thou hast prepared before the face of all people:

32A light to be reuealed to the gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.

33And Ioseph and his mother marueyled at those thinges which were spoken of hym.

34And Simeon blessed them, & saide vnto Marie his mother: beholde, this chylde is set to be the fall & vprysyng agayne of many in Israel, & for a signe which is spoken agaynst.

35And moreouer, the sworde shall pearce thy soule, that the thoughtes of many heartes may be opened.

36And ther was a prophetisse, one Anna, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Aser, which was of a great age, and had lyued with an husbande seuen yeres from her virginitie.

37And she had ben a wydowe about fourescore and foure yeres, whiche departed not from the temple, but serued God with fastynges and prayers nyght and day.

38And she, commyng at the same instant vpon them, confessed lykewise the Lorde, and spake of hym, to all them that loked for redemptio in Hierusalem.

39And when they had perfourmed all thynges, accordyng to the lawe of the Lorde, they returned into Galilee, to their owne citie Nazareth.

40And the chylde grewe, and waxed strong in spirite, and was fylled with wisdome: & the grace of God was vpon hym.

41Nowe, his parentes went to Hierusale euery yere, at the feast of ye Passouer.

42And when he was twelue yere old, they ascended vp to Hierusalem, after the custome of the feast day:

43And whe they had fulfilled the dayes, as they returned home, the chylde Iesus abode styll in Hierusalem: & Ioseph and his mother knewe not of it.

44But they, supposyng hym to haue ben in the company, came a dayes iourney, and sought hym among their kinsfolke and acquayntaunce.

45And when they founde hym not, they turned backe againe to Hierusalem, and sought hym.

46And it came to passe, that after three dayes, they founde hym in the temple, sittyng in the myddes of the doctours, hearyng them, and posyng them.

47And all that hearde hym, were astonied at his vnderstanding & aunsweres.

48And when they sawe hym, they were amased. And his mother said vnto him: Sonne, why hast thou thus dealt with vs? Beholde, thy father and I haue sought thee, sorowyng.

49And he sayde vnto them: Howe is it that ye sought me? Wyste ye not, that I must go about my fathers businesse?

50And they vnderstoode not that saying which he spake vnto them.

51And he went downe with them, and came to Nazareth, & was obedient vnto them: But his mother kepte all these sayinges in her heart.

52And Iesus increased in wisedome and stature, and in fauour with God & men.

Chapter 3Edit

1Nowe, in the fifteenth yere of ye raigne of Tiberius Cesar, Pontius Pilate being lieftenaut of Iurie, and Herode being tetrarch of Galilee, & his brother Philip tetrarch of Iturea, and of the region of ye Trachonites, and Lysanias the tetrarch of Abiline,

2When Annas and Caiaphas were the hye priestes, the worde of the Lorde came vnto Iohn, the sonne of Zacharias, in the wyldernesse.

3And he came into all the coastes about Iordane, preachyng the baptisme of repentaunce, for the remission of sinnes:

4As it is writte in ye booke of the wordes of Esaias the prophete, saying: The voyce of a cryer in wyldernesse, prepare ye the way of ye Lorde, make his pathes strayght.

5Euery valley shalbe fylled, and euery mountayne & hyll shalbe brought lowe: And thynges that be croked, shalbe made strayght, and the rough wayes shalbe made playne.

6And all flesshe, shall see the saluation of God.

7Then saide he to the people that were come foorth to be baptized of hym: O generations of vipers, who hath forewarned you to flee from the wrath to come?

8Bryng foorth therefore due fruites of repentaunce, and begyn not to say within your selues, we haue Abraham to our father: For I saye vnto you, that God is able of these stones, to rayse vp childre vnto Abraham.

9Nowe also is the axe layed vnto the roote of the trees: Euery tree therfore which bryngeth not foorth good fruite, is hewen downe, and cast into the fire.

10And the people asked hym, saying: What shall we do then?

11He aunswereth, and sayth vnto them: He that hath two coates, let him part with hym that hath none: and he that hath meate, let hym do lykewyse.

12Then came publicanes also to be baptized, and saide vnto him: Maister, what shall we do?

13And he sayde vnto them: Require no more then that which is appoynted vnto you.

14The souldiours lykewyse demaunded of hym, saying: And what shall we do? And he saide vnto them: Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely, and be content with your wages.

15As the people wayted, & all men mused in their heartes of Iohn, whether he were very Christe:

16Iohn aunswered, and said vnto them all, In deede I baptize you with water: but one stronger then I commeth, whose shoes latched I am not worthy to vnlose, he shall baptize you with the holy ghost, and with fire.

17Which hath his fanne in his hande, & wyll purge his floore, & wyll gather the wheate into his barne: but ye chaffe wyl burne vp, with fire that neuer shalbe quenched.

18And many other thinges, in his exhortation, preached he vnto the people.

19Then Herode the tetrarch, when he was rebuked of hym for Herodias, his brother Philippes wyfe, and for all the euyls which Herode dyd,

20Added this aboue all, & shut vp Iohn in pryson.

21Nowe it came to passe, as all the people were baptized, and when Iesus was baptized, and dyd praye, that the heauen was opened,

22And the holy ghost came downe, in a bodyly shape lyke a Doue, vpon hym: and a voyce came from heauen, which sayde, Thou art my beloued sonne, in thee I am well pleased.

23And Iesus him selfe began to be about thirtie yeres of age, beyng (as he was supposed) the sonne of Ioseph: whiche was [the sonne] of Heli,

24Whiche was the sonne of Matthat, whiche was the sonne of Leui, whiche was the sonne of Melchi, whiche was the sonne of Ianna, whiche was the sonne of Ioseph:

25Whiche was ye sonne of Matthathias, whiche was the sonne of Amos, whiche was the sonne of Naum, whiche was the sonne of Hesly, which was the sonne of Nagge:

26Whiche was the sonne of Maath, which was the sonne of Matthathias, which was the sonne of Semei, whiche was the sonne of Ioseph, whiche was the sonne of Iuda:

27Whiche was the sonne of Ioanna, which was the sonne of Rhesa, whiche was the sonne of Zorobabel, whiche was the sonne of Salathiel, which was the sonne of Neri:

28Whiche was the sonne of Melchi, whiche was the sonne of Addi, whiche was the sonne of Cosam, whiche was the sonne of Elmodam, whiche was the sonne of Er:

29Whiche was the sonne of Iose, which was the sonne of Eliezer, whiche was sonne of Iorim, whiche was ye sonne of Matthat, which was ye sonne of Leui:

30Whiche was the sonne of Simeon, whiche was the sonne of Iuda, whiche was the sonne of Ioseph, whiche was the sonne of Ionan, whiche was the sonne of Eliacim:

31Whiche was the sonne of Melea, whiche was ye sonne of Menam, whiche was ye sonne of Matthatha, which was the sonne of Nathan, whiche was the sonne of Dauid:

32Whiche was ye sonne of Iesse, whiche was the sonne of Obed, which was the sonne of Booz, whiche was the sonne of Salmo, which was ye sonne of Naasso:

33Whiche was the sonne of Aminadab, whiche was the sonne of Aram, whiche was the sonne of Esron, whiche was the sonne of Phares, whiche was the sonne of Iuda:

34Whiche was ye sonne of Iacob, whiche was the sonne of Asaac, which was the sonne of Abraham, whiche was ye sonne of Thara, which was the sonne of Nachor:

35Which was ye sonne of Saruch, which was the sonne of Ragau, whiche was the sonne of Phaleg, which was ye sonne of Heber, which was the sonne of Sala:

36whiche was the sonne of Arphaxad, whiche was the sonne of Sem, whiche was the sonne of Noe, whiche was the sonne of Lamech:

37Whiche was the sonne of Mathusala, whiche was the sonne of Enoch, which was the sonne of Iared, whiche was the sonne of Maleleel, whiche was the sonne of Cainan:

38Which was the sonne of Henos, which was ye sonne of Seth, which was ye sonne of Adam, which was the sonne of God.

Chapter 4Edit

1Iesus, being full of the holy ghost, returned from Iordane, & was ledde by the spirite into wyldernesse,

2And was fourtie dayes tempted of the deuyll, and in those dayes dyd he eate nothyng: And when they were ended, he afterwarde hungred.

3And the deuyll sayde vnto hym: If thou be the sonne of God, commaunde this stone that it be made bread.

4And Iesus aunswered hym, saying: It is written, that man shall not lyue by bread only, but by euery word of god.

5And the deuyll toke hym into an hye mountayne, & shewed hym all the kingdomes of ye worlde in a moment of time.

6And the deuyl saide vnto hym: all this power wyll I geue thee euerywhyt, & the glory of them, for that is deliuered vnto me, and to whomsoeuer I wyll, I geue it.

7If thou therfore wilt fall downe before me, & worship me, they shalbe all thine.

8Iesus aunswered, & sayde vnto hym, Hence from me Satan: For it is writte, Thou shalt worship the Lorde thy God, and hym only shalt thou serue.

9And he caryed hym to Hierusalem, & set hym on a pinacle of the temple, and sayde vnto him: If thou be the sonne of God, cast thy selfe downe from hence.

10For it is written, that he shall geue his Angels charge ouer thee, to kepe thee.

11And in their handes they shall beare thee vp, that thou dasshe not thy foote at any tyme agaynst a stone.

12And Iesus aunswered, and sayde vnto hym: It is sayde, Thou shalt not tempt the Lorde thy God.

13And assoone as all the temptatio was ended, the deuyll departed from hym for a season.

14And Iesus returned, by the power of the spirite, into Galilee: & there went a fame of hym, throughout all the region rounde about.

15And he taught in their synagogues, & was commended of all men.

16And he came to Nazareth, where he was nursed: and, as his custome was, he wet into the synagogue on the Sabboth day, and stoode vp for to reade.

17And there was deliuered vnto hym the booke of the prophete Esaias: And whe he had opened the booke, he founde the place where it was written,

18The spirite of the Lord vpon me, because he hath annoynted me, to preache the Gospel to the poore he hath sent me, to heale the broken hearted, to preache deliueraunce to the captiue, & recouering of syght to the blynde, freely to set at libertie them that are bruised:

19And to preache the acceptable yere of the Lorde.

20And he closed the booke, and gaue it agayne to the minister, and sate downe: And the eyes of all them that were in ye synagogue, were fastened on hym.

21And he began to say vnto the: this day is this scripture fulfilled in your eares.

22And all bare him witnesse, & wondred at ye gratious wordes whiche proceaded out of his mouth. And they sayde, is not this Iosephes sonne?

23And he saide vnto them: Ye wyll vtterly say vnto me this prouerbe, phisition heale thy selfe: Whatsoeuer we haue heard done in Capernau, do ye same here lykewyse in thine owne countrey.

24And he saide: Ueryly I say vnto you, no prophete is accepted in his owne countrey.

25But I tell you of a trueth, many wydowes were in Israel, in the dayes of Elias, when heauen was shutte three yeres & sixe monethes, when great famishment was throughout all ye lande:

26And vnto none of the was Elias sent, saue vnto Sarepta, a citie of Sidon, vnto a woman that was a wydowe.

27And many lepers were in Israel, in the tyme of Elizeus the prophete: and none of them was clensed, sauyng Naaman the Syrian.

28And all they in the synagogue, when they hearde these thynges, were fylled with wrath:

29And rose vp, and thrust hym out of the citie, and led hym euen vnto the edge of the hyll (wheron their citie was built,) yt they might cast him downe headlong.

30But he, passyng through the myddes of them, went his way:

31And came downe to Capernaum, a citie of Galilee, and there taught them on the Sabboth dayes.

32And they were astonyed at his doctrine: For his preachyng was with power.

33And in the synagogue, there was a man, which had an vncleane spirite of a deuyll, and cryed with a loude voyce,

34Saying: Oh what haue we to do with thee, thou Iesus of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroy vs? I knowe who thou art, euen the holy one of God.

35And Iesus rebuked hym, saying: Holde thy peace, and come out of hym. And when the deuyll had throwen him in the middes, he came out of hym, and hurt hym not.

36And feare came on them all, and they spake among them selues, saying: What maner a thyng is this? For with auctoritie and power he commaundeth the foule spirites, and they come out.

37And the fame of hym spread abrode, throughout euery place of the countrey rounde about.

38And when he was risen vp, and come out of the synagogue, he entred into Simons house: And Simons wiues mother was taken with a great feuer, & they made intercession to hym for her.

39And he stoode ouer her, and rebuked the feuer, and the feuer left her: And immediatly she arose, and ministred vnto them.

40When the Sunne was downe, all they that had sicke, taken with diuers diseases, brought them vnto hym: And he layde his handes on euery one of them, and healed them.

41And deuyls also came out of many, crying & saying: Thou art that Christe, the sonne of God. And he rebuked the, and suffred them not to speake: For they knewe that he was Christe.

42As soone as it was day, he departed, and went into a desert place: And the people sought hym, and came to hym, and kept hym, that he shoulde not depart from them.

43And he sayde vnto them, I must preache the kyngdome of God to other cities also: For therfore am I sent.

44And he preached in the synagogues of Galilee.

Chapter 5Edit

1It came to passe, that when ye people preassed vpon hym, to heare the worde of God, he stoode by the lake of Genezareth,

2And sawe two shippes stande by the lakes syde: But the fisshermen were gone out of them, and were wasshyng their nettes.

3And he entred into one of the shippes, which pertayned to Simon, and prayed hym that he woulde thrust out, a litle from the lande: And he sate downe, and taught the people out of the shippe.

4When he had left speakyng, he sayde vnto Simon: Launche out into the deepe, and let slip your nettes, to make a draught.

5And Simon aunswered, and sayde vnto hym: Maister, we haue laboured all nyght, and haue taken nothyng: Neuerthelesse, at thy commaundement I wyll loose foorth the nette.

6And when they had this done, they inclosed a great multitude of fisshes: But their nette brake.

7And they beckened vnto their felowes, which were in the other shippe, that they shoulde come, and helpe them. And they came, and fylled both the shippes, that they suncke agayne.

8When Simon Peter sawe this, he fell downe at Iesus knees, saying: Lorde, go from me, for I am a sinfull man.

9For he was vtterly astonyed, and all that were with hym, at the draught of fisshes, which they had taken.

10And so was also Iames and Iohn the sonnes of Zebedee, whiche were parteners with Simon. And Iesus sayde vnto Simon: Feare not, from hencefoorth thou shalt catch men.

11And when they had brought vp their boates to the shore, they forsoke all, and folowed hym.

12And it came to passe, that whe he was in a certayne citie: Beholde, [there was] a man full of leprosie, and when he had spyed Iesus, he fell flat on his face, and besought hym, saying: Lorde, yf thou wylt, thou canst make me cleane.

13And he stretched foorth his hande, and touched hym, saying: I wyll, be thou cleane. And immediatly the leprosie departed from hym. And he charged hym, that he shoulde tell no man:

14But go [sayth he] and shewe thy selfe to the priest, and offer for thy clensyng, accordyng as Moyses commaunded, for a witnesse vnto them.

15But so much the more went there a fame abrode of hym, and much people came together to heare, and to be healed of hym, from their infirmities.

16And he kept hym selfe a part in the wildernesse, and prayed.

17And it came to passe, on a certayne day, as he was teachyng, that there were pharisees & doctours of the lawe, sittyng by, which were come out of all the townes of Galilee and Iurie, and Hierusalem: And the power of the Lorde was present, to heale them.

18And beholde, men brought in a bed, a man which was taken with a paulsie, and they sought meanes to bryng hym in, and to lay hym before hym.

19And when they coulde not fynde on what syde they myght bryng hym in, because of the prease, they went vpon the toppe of the house, and let hym downe through the tylyng, bed and all, euen in the myddes before Iesus.

20Whe he sawe their faith, he saide vnto him: Man, thy sinnes are forgeuen thee.

21And the scribes and the pharisees, began to thynke, saying: What felowe is this, which speaketh blasphemies? Who can forgeue sinnes but God only?

22But when Iesus perceaued their thoughtes, he aunswered, & sayde vnto them: What thynke ye in your heartes?

23Whether is easier to say, thy sinnes be forgeuen thee: or to say, ryse vp & walke?

24But that ye may knowe that the sonne of man hath power to forgeue sinnes on earth (he sayde vnto the sicke of the paulsie) I say vnto thee, aryse, take vp thy bed, and go vnto thy house.

25And immediatly he rose vp before them, and toke vp his bed, wheron he lay, and departed to his owne house, praysyng God.

26And they were all amazed, and they gaue the glory vnto God, and were fylled with feare, saying: Doutlesse we haue seene straunge thynges to day.

27After these thynges, he went foorth, & sawe a publicane named Leui, sittyng at the receipt of custome: and he sayde vnto hym, folowe me.

28And he left all, rose vp, & folowed him.

29And Leui made hym a great feast in his owne house. And there was a great companie of publicanes, and of other that sate [at meate] with them.

30But they that were scribes and pharisees among them, murmured agaynst his disciples saying: Why do ye eate and drynke with publicanes and sinners?

31And Iesus aunswered, and saide vnto them, They that are whole, neede not the phisition: But they that are sicke.

32I came not to call the ryghteous: but sinners to repentaunce.

33And they sayde vnto hym: Why do the disciples of Iohn fast often, & pray, and the disciples of the pharisees also: but thyne eate and drynke?

34He sayde vnto them. Can ye make the chyldren of the weddyng chaumber fast, whyle the brydegrome in with the?

35But the dayes wyll come, when the brydegrome also shalbe taken away fro them: then shall they fast in those dayes.

36He spake also vnto them a similitude. No man putteth a peece of a newe garment, into an olde vesture: For then the newe renteth [the olde,] and the peece that was [taken] out of the newe, agreeth not with the olde.

37And no man powreth newe wyne into olde vessels: For yf he do, the newe wyne wyll burst the vessels, and runne out it selfe, and the vessels shall perishe.

38But newe wine must be put into newe vessels, and both are preserued.

39No man also that drinketh olde wyne, strayghtway can awaye with newe: For he sayth, the olde is better.

Chapter 6Edit

1And it came to passe, on the seconde Sabboth, after the first, that he went through the corne fieldes: and his disciples plucked the eares of corne, and dyd eate, and rubbed them in their handes.

2And certayne of the pharisees sayde vnto them: Why do ye that, which is not lawfull to do on ye Sabboth dayes?

3And Iesus aunswered them, & sayde: Haue ye not read what Dauid dyd, when he hym selfe was an hungred, and they which were with hym:

4Howe he went into the house of God, and dyd take and eate the shewe bread, and gaue also to them that were with hym, which was not lawfull to eate, but for the priestes only?

5And he sayde vnto them: The sonne of man is Lord also of ye Sabboth day.

6And it came to passe also in another Sabboth, that he entred into the synagogue, and taught: And there was a man, whose right hand was dried vp.

7And the scribes & pharisees watched hym, whether he woulde heale on the Sabboth day: that they myght fynde howe to accuse hym.

8But he knewe their thoughtes, and said to the man which had the withered hande: Ryse vp, and stande foorth in the myddes. And he arose, and stoode foorth.

9Then sayde Iesus vnto them, I wyll aske you a question: Whether is it lawfull on the Sabboth dayes to do good, or to do euyll? to saue ones lyfe, or to destroy it?

10And he behelde them all in compasse, & sayde vnto the man: Stretche foorth thy hande. And he dyd so: & his hande was restored agayne as whole as the other.

11And they were fylled with madnesse, and communed together among them selues, what they myght do to Iesus.

12And it came to passe in those dayes, yt he wet out into a mountayne to pray, & continued all nyght in prayer to God.

13And assoone as it was day, he called his disciples: And of them he chose twelue, whom he called Apostles:

14(Simon, whom he also named Peter, and Andrewe his brother: Iames and Iohn, Philip and Barthelmewe,

15Matthewe and Thomas, Iames the sonne of Alpheus, & Simon, which is called Zelotes:

16And Iudas, Iames [brother] and Iudas Iscariot, which also was the traytour.)

17And he came downe with them, and stoode in the playne fielde, and the company of his disciples, and a great multitude of people, out of all Iurie & Hierusalem, and fro the sea coast of Tyre and Sidon, which came to heare hym, and to be healed of their diseases,

18And they that were vexed with foule spirites: and they were healed.

19And all the people preassed to touche hym: for there went vertue out of hym, and healed them all.

20And he lyft vp his eyes vpon his disciples, and sayde: Blessed be ye poore, for yours is the kyngdome of God.

21Blessed are ye that hunger nowe, for ye shalbe satisfied. Blessed are ye that weepe nowe, for ye shall laugh.

22Blessed shall ye be when men hate you, & seperate you [from their companie] and raile on you, & put out your names as an euyll thyng, for the sonne of mans sake.

23Reioyce ye in that day, and be glad: For beholde, your rewarde is great in heauen: For thus dyd their fathers vnto the prophetes.

24But wo vnto you that are riche: for ye haue your consolation.

25Wo vnto you that are full: for ye shall hunger. Wo vnto you that nowe laugh: for ye shall wayle and weepe.

26Wo vnto you when all men prayse you: for so dyd their fathers to the false prophetes.

27But I say vnto you which heare: Loue your enemies, Do good to them which hate you.

28Blesse them that curse you: And pray for the which wrongfully trouble you.

29And vnto hym that smyteth thee on the one cheeke, offer also the other. And hym that taketh away thy cloke, forbyd not to take thy coate also.

30Geue to euery man that asketh of thee: And of hym that taketh away thy goodes, aske them not agayne.

31And as ye woulde that men shoulde do to you, do ye also to them lykewyse.

32For yf ye loue them which loue you, what thanke haue ye? For sinners also loue their louers.

33And yf ye do good for them which do good for you, what thanke haue ye? For sinners also do euen the same.

34And yf ye lende to them, of whom ye hope to receaue, what thanke haue ye? For synners also lende to sinners, to receaue such lyke agayne.

35But loue ye your enemies, & do good, and lende, lokyng for nothyng agayne: and your rewarde shalbe great, and ye shalbe the chyldren of the hyest: for he is kynde vnto the vnkynde, & to the euyll.

36Be ye therfore mercifull, as your father also is mercifull.

37Iudge not, & ye shall not be iudged: Condemne not, and ye shall not be condemned: Forgeue, & ye shalbe forgeuen.

38Geue, and it shalbe geuen vnto you: good measure, pressed downe, & shaken together, and runnyng ouer, shall men geue into your bosomes. For with the same measure that ye meate withall, shall other men meate to you agayne.

39And he put foorth a similitude vnto them: Can the blynde leade the blynde? Do they not both fall into the ditche?

40The disciple is not aboue his maister: But whosoeuer wylbe a perfect disciple, shalbe as his maister is.

41And why seest thou a moate in thy brothers eye: but considerest not the beame that is in thyne owne eye?

42Either, howe canst thou say to thy brother: Brother, let me pull out the moate that is in thyne eye, when thou seest not the beame that is in thyne owne eye? Thou hypocrite, caste out the beame out of thyne owne eye first, & then shalt thou see perfectly, to pul out the moate that is in thy brothers eye.

43For it is not a good tree, that bryngeth foorth euyll fruite: Neither is that an euyll tree, that bryngeth foorth good fruite.

44For euery tree is knowen by his fruite: for of thornes do not me gather fygges, nor of busshes, gather they grapes.

45A good man, out of the good treasure of his heart, bringeth foorth that which is good: And an euyll man, out of the euyll treasure of his heart, bryngeth foorth that which is euyll. For of the aboundaunce of the heart, his mouth speaketh.

46Why call ye me Lorde, Lorde, and do not as I byd you?

47Whosoeuer commeth to me, & heareth my sayinges, and doth the same, I wyll shewe you to whom he is lyke.

48He is lyke a man which built an house, and digged deepe, and layde the foundation on a rocke. And when the waters arose, the fludde beat vpon that house, and coulde not moue it: For it was grounded vpon a rocke.

49But he that heareth and doeth not, is lyke a man, that without foundation, built an house vpon the earth, agaynst which the fludde dyd beate, and it fell immediatly: And the fall of that house was great.

Chapter 7Edit

1When he had ended all his sayinges, in the audience of the people, he entred into Capernaum.

2And a certayne Centurions seruaunt, which was deare vnto hym, lay sicke, and was in peryll of death.

3And when he hearde of Iesus, he sent vnto hym the elders of the Iewes, besechyng hym that he woulde come, and heale his seruaunt.

4And when they came to Iesus, they besought hym instantly, saying he is worthy that thou shouldest do this for hym.

5For he loueth our nation, and hath built vs a synagogue.

6Then Iesus went with them. And when he was nowe not farre from the house, the Centurion sent friendes to hym, saying vnto hym: Lorde, trouble not thy selfe, for I am not worthy that thou shouldest enter vnder my roofe.

7Wherefore I thought not my selfe worthy to come vnto thee: but say thou the worde, & my seruaunt shalbe whole.

8For I also am a man, set vnder power, and haue vnder me souldiers: and I say vnto one go, and he goeth: and to another, come, and he commeth: and to my seruaunt, do this, and he doth it.

9When Iesus hearde these thynges, he marueyled at hym, and turned hym about, and sayde to the people that folowed hym: I say vnto you, I haue not founde so great fayth, no, not in Israel.

10And they that were sent, turned backe home agayne, and founde the seruaunt whole, that had ben sicke.

11And it came to passe the [day] after, that he went into a citie, which is called Naim: and many of his disciples went with hym, and much people.

12When he came nye to the gate of the citie, beholde, there was a dead man caryed out, [which was] the only sonne of his mother, and she was a widdowe: And much people of the citie was with her.

13And when the Lorde sawe her, he had compassion on her, and sayde vnto her: Weepe not.

14And he came nye, & touched the beere, (and they that bare hym stoode styll) And he sayde: Young man, I say vnto thee, aryse.

15And he that was dead, sate vp, and began to speake: And he delyuered hym to his mother.

16And there came a feare on them all, & they gaue the glory vnto God, saying: A great prophete is risen vp among vs, and veryly God hath visited his people.

17And this rumour of hym went foorth throughout all Iurie, & throughout all the regions which lye rounde about.

18And the disciples of Iohn, shewed hym of all these thynges.

19And Iohn called vnto hym two of his disciples, and sent them to Iesus, saying: Art thou he that shoulde come, or shall we loke for another?

20When the men were come vnto hym, they sayde, Iohn Baptiste sent vs vnto thee, saying: Art thou he that shoulde come, or shall we loke for another?

21And in that same houre, he cured manye of their infirmities & plagues, and of euyll spirites, and vnto many that were blynde, he gaue sight.

22Then Iesus aunswered, and sayde vnto them: Go your way, and bryng worde agayne to Iohn, what thynges ye haue seene and hearde, howe that the blynde see, the halt go, the lepers are clensed, the deafe heare, the dead ryse agayne, to the poore is the Gospell preached,

23And happy is he, that is not offended at me.

24And when the messengers of Iohn were departed, he began to speake vnto the people concernyng Iohn: What went ye out into the wildernesse for to see? a reede shaken with the wynde?

25But what went ye out for to see? A man clothed in soft rayment? Beholde, they which are gorgeously appareled, & lyue delicately, are in kynges courtes.

26But what went ye foorth to see? A prophete? Yea, I say to you, and more then a prophete.

27This is he, of whom it is written: Beholde, I sende my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee.

28For I say vnto you, among womens chyldren, is there not a greater prophete then Iohn Baptist. Neuerthesse, he that is lesse in the kyngdome of God, is greater then he.

29And all the people, and the publicanes that hearde hym, iustified God, and were baptized with the baptisme of Iohn.

30But the pharisees and lawyers despised the councel of God, agaynst them selues, and were not baptized of hym.

31And the Lorde sayde: Whervnto shall I lyken the men of this generation? and what [thyng] are they lyke?

32They are lyke vnto chyldren, sittyng in the market place, and crying one to another, and saying: We haue pyped vnto you, and ye haue not daunsed: We haue mourned to you, and ye haue not wept.

33For Iohn Baptist came, neither eatyng bread nor drynkyng wyne, and ye say he hath the deuyll.

34The sonne of man is come, and eateth and drynketh, and ye saye, beholde a gluttonous man, and an [vnmeasurable] drynker of wyne, a frende of publicanes and sinners.

35And wisdome is iustified of all her chyldren.

36And one of the pharisees desired hym, that he woulde eate with hym. And he went into the pharisees house, and sate downe to meate.

37And beholde, a woman in that citie, which was a sinner, assoone as she knewe that Iesus sate at meate in the pharisees house, she brought an alabaster boxe of oyntment:

38And stoode at his feete behynde hym, weepyng, and began to washe his feete with teares, & dyd wype them with the heeres of her head, and kyssed his feete, and anoynted them with the oyntment.

39When the pharisee which had bydden hym, sawe, he spake within hym selfe, saying: If this man were a prophete, he woulde surely knowe who, & what maner of woman this is, that touched hym, for she is a sinner.

40And Iesus aunswered, and sayde vnto hym: Simon, I haue somewhat to say vnto thee. And he sayde: Maister, say on.

41There was a certayne lender, which had two detters: The one ought fyue hundred pence, and the other fyftie.

42When they had nothyng to pay, he forgaue them both. Tell me therefore, which of them wyll loue hym most?

43Simon aunswered and sayde: I suppose, that he to whom he forgaue most. And he sayde vnto hym: Thou haste truely iudged.

44And he turned to the woman, & sayde vnto Simon: Seest thou this woman? I entred into thyne house, thou gauest me no water for my feete, but she hath wasshed my feete with teares, & wyped them with the heeres of her head.

45Thou gauest me no kysse: but she, sence the tyme I came in, hath not ceassed to kysse my feete.

46Myne head with oyle thou dyddest not anoynt: but she hath anoynted my feete with oyntment.

47Wherfore I say vnto thee, many sinnes are forgeuen her: for she loued much. To whom lesse is forgeuen, the same doth lesse loue.

48And he sayde vnto her: thy sinnes are forgeuen thee.

49And they that sate at meate with hym, began to say within them selues, Who is this that forgeueth sinnes also?

50And he sayde to the woman: Thy fayth hath saued thee, go in peace.

Chapter 8Edit

1And it came to passe afterwarde, that he him selfe wet throughout euery citie & towne preachyng, & shewyng the kingdome of god, & the twelue with hym.

2And also certayne women, which were healed of euyll spirites, and infirmities, Marie which is called Magdalene, out of whom went seuen deuyls.

3And Ioanna the wyfe of Chusa Herodes stewarde, and Susanna, & many other which ministred vnto hym of their substaunce.

4When much people were gathered together, & were come to hym out of all cities, he spake by a similitude.

5The sower wet out to sowe his seede: and as he sowed, some fell by the way syde, and it was troden downe, and the foules of the ayre deuoured it vp.

6And some fell on stones, and assoone as it was sprong vp, it withered away, because it lacked moystnes.

7And some fell among thornes, and the thornes sprang vp with it, and choked it.

8And some fell on good grounde, and sprang vp, and bare fruite, an hundred folde. And as he sayde these thynges, he cryed: He that hath eares to heare, let hym heare.

9And his disciples asked hym, saying what maner of similitude is this?

10And he sayde, Unto you it is geuen to knowe the secretes of the kyngdome of God: but to other by parables, that when they see, they shoulde not see, and when they heare, they shoulde not vnderstande.

11The parable is this. The seede, is the worde of God.

12Those that are besyde the way, are they that heare: then commeth the deuyll, and taketh away the worde out of their heartes, lest they shoulde beleue, and be saued.

13They on the stones, [are they] which when they heare, receaue the worde with ioy: & these haue no rootes, which for a whyle beleue, and in tyme of temptation go away.

14And that which fell among thornes, are they, which whe they haue hearde, go foorth, and are choked with cares & ryches, and voluptuous lyuyng, & bring foorth no fruite.

15But that [which fell] on ye good groude, are they, which with a pure and good hearte heare the worde, and kepe it, and bryng foorth fruite through pacience.

16No man when he lyghteth a candel, couereth it with a vessell, or putteth it vnder a table, but setteth it on a candlesticke, that they which enter in, may see the lyght.

17For nothyng is secrete, that shall not come abrode: Neither any thyng hyd, that shall not be knowen, and come to lyght.

18Take heede therfore, howe ye heare. For whosoeuer hath, to hym shalbe geuen: And whosoeuer hath not, from hym shalbe take, euen that same which he supposeth that he hath.

19Then came to hym his mother and his brethren, and coulde not come at hym for prease.

20And it was tolde hym [by certayne] which sayde: Thy mother and thy brethren stande without, & woulde see thee.

21He aunswered, and sayde vnto them: My mother & my brethren are these, which heare the worde of God, & do it.

22And it came to passe on a certayne day, that he went into a shippe, and his disciples also: and he sayde vnto them, Let vs go ouer vnto the other syde of the lake.

23And they lauched foorth: But as they sayled he fell a slepe, and there came downe a storme on the lake, and they were fylled [with water], and were in ieoperdie.

24And they came to hym, and awoke hym, saying: Maister, Maister, we are lost. Then he arose, and rebuked the wynde, & the tempest of water, and they ceassed, and it waxed calme.

25And he sayde vnto them: Where is your fayth? And they feared, and wondred among them selues, saying: Who is this? For he commaundeth both the wyndes & water, and they obey hym.

26And they sayled vnto the region of the Gadarenites, which is ouer agaynst Galilee.

27And when he went out to lande, there met hym out of the citie a certayne man, which had deuyls long tyme, and ware no clothes, neither abode in [any] house: but in graues.

28When he sawe Iesus, and had cryed, he fell downe before hym, and with a loude voyce sayde: What haue I to do with thee Iesus, thou sonne of God most hyest? I beseche thee torment me not.

29(For he commaunded the foule spirite to come out of the man: For oftentymes he had caught him, and he was bounde with chaynes, and kept with fetters: & he brake the bandes, and was caryed of the fiende into wildernesse.)

30And Iesus asked hym, saying: What is thy name? And he sayde, Legion: because many deuyls were entred into hym.

31And they besought hym, that he woulde not commaunde them, to go out into the deepe.

32And there was there, an hearde of many swyne, feedyng on an hyll: and they besought hym, that he woulde suffer them to enter into them: and he suffered them.

33Then went the deuyls out of the man, and entred into the swyne: And the heard ran headlong with violence into the lake, and were choked.

34When the heardmen sawe what was done, they fled: and when they were departed, they tolde it in the citie, & in the villages.

35Therfore they came out to see what was done, and came to Iesus, & founde the man out of whom the deuyls were departed, sittyng at the feete of Iesus, clothed, & in his ryght mynde, and they were afrayde.

36They also which sawe it, tolde them by what meanes he that was possessed of the deuyls, was healed.

37Then the whole multitude of the countrey about the Gadarenites, besought hym that he woulde departe from them, for they were taken with great feare. And he gat hym vp into the shippe, and returned backe agayne.

38Then the man out of whom the deuyls were departed, besought hym that he myght be with hym. But Iesus sent hym away, saying:

39Go home agayne to thine owne house, and shewe what thynges so euer God hath done for thee. And he went his way, and preached throughout all the citie, what thynges so euer Iesus had done vnto hym.

40And it came to passe, yt when Iesus was come agayne, the people receaued hym: For they all wayted for hym.

41And behold, ther came a man named Iairus, & he was a ruler of ye synagoge, & he fell downe at Iesus feete, praying him that he would come into his house:

42For he had but one daughter only, vpon a twelue yeres of age, and she lay a dying. (But as he went, the people thronged hym.

43And a woman, hauyng an issue of blood twelue yeres, which had spent all her substaunce vpon phisitions, neither coulde be holpen of any,

44Came behynde hym, and touched the hemme of his rayment: and immediatly her issue of blood staunched.

45And Iesus sayde: Who is it that touched me? Whe euery man denyed, Peter and they that were with hym, sayde: Maister, the people thrust thee, and vexe thee, and sayest thou, who touched me?

46And Iesus sayde, Some body hath touched me: For I perceaue that vertue is gone out of me.

47When the woman sawe that she was not hyd, she came trembling, and fell [at his feete] and tolde him before al the people, for what cause she had touched him, and howe she was healed immediatly.

48And he sayde vnto her: Daughter, be of good comfort, thy fayth hath saued thee, go in peace.)

49Whyle he yet spake, there came one from the ruler of the synagogues house, which sayde to hym: Thy daughter is dead, disease not the Maister.

50But when Iesus hearde that worde, he aunswered him, saying: Feare not, beleue only, & she shalbe made whole.

51And when he came to the house, he suffered no man to go in with hym, saue Peter, and Iames, and Iohn, and the father and the mother of the mayden.

52Euery body wept, & sorowed for her. And he sayde: Weepe not, the damsell is not dead, but slepeth.

53And they laughed hym to scorne, knowyng that she was dead.

54And he thrust them all out, and toke her by the hande, and cryed, saying: Mayde, aryse.

55And her spirite came agayne, and she rose straightway: And he commaunded to geue her meate.

56And the father and the mother of her, were astonyed: But he warned the that they should tel no man what was done.

Chapter 9Edit

1Iesus called the twelue together, and gaue the power and aucthoritie ouer al deuils, and that they might heale diseases.

2And he sent them to preache the kyngdome of God, and to heale the sicke.

3And he saide vnto the: Take nothing to your iourney, neither staues, nor scrippe, neither bread, neither money, neither haue two coates.

4And whatsoeuer house ye enter into, there abyde, and thence depart.

5And whosoeuer wyll not receaue you, when ye go out of that citie, shake of the very dust from your feete, for a testimonie agaynst them.

6And they departed, and went through the townes, preachyng the Gospell, and healyng euerywhere.

7And Herode the tetrarche heard of all that was done by hym, and doubted, because that it was sayde of some, that Iohn was rysen agayne from death:

8And of some, that Elias had appeared, and of some, that one of the olde prophetes was rysen agayne.

9And Herode sayde, Iohn haue I beheaded, but who is this of who I heare such thinges? And he desired to see him.

10And the apostles returned, & tolde him all that they had done. And he toke the and went aside into a solitarie place, nye vnto the citie that is called Bethsaida.

11Which whe the people knew, they folowed him: And he receaued them, and spake vnto the of the kingdome of God, & healed the that had nede to be healed.

12And when the day began to weare away, then came the twelue and sayde vnto hym: Sende the people awaye, that they may go into the townes and vyllages rounde about, and lodge, and get meate: for we are here in a place of wyldernesse.

13But he said vnto them: Geue ye the to eate. And they said: We haue no mo but fyue loaues and two fisshes, excepte we should go & bye meate for al this people.

14And they were about fyue thousande men. And he said to his disciples: Cause the to sit downe by fifties in a companie.

15And they dyd so, and made them all to sit downe.

16And he toke the fyue loaues and the two fisshes, and loked vp to heauen, and blessed them, and brake, and gaue to the disciples to set before the people.

17And they dyd all eate, and were satisfied. And there was taken vp of that remayned to them, twelue baskettes full of broken meate.

18And it came to passe, as he was alone praying, his disciples were with hym, and he asked them, saying: Who say the people that I am?

19They aunswered and sayde, Iohn Baptist: some say, Elias: and some say that one of the olde prophetes is rysen.

20He sayde vnto them: But whom say ye that I am? [Simon] Peter aunswered, & saide: [Thou art] Christe, of God.

21And he warned & commaunded them, that they should tell no man that thing,

22Saying: The sonne of man must suffer many thynges, and be reproued of the elders, and of the hye priestes and scribes, and be slayne, and ryse agayne the thirde day.

23And he said to the all: If any man wyl come after me, let him denie him selfe, & take vp his crosse dayly, & folowe me.

24For whosoeuer wyl saue his lyfe, shal lose it: But whosoeuer shal lose his lyfe for my sake, the same shall saue it.

25For what auauntageth it a man yf he wynne the whole worlde, and lose hym selfe, or runne in daunger of hym selfe?

26For whosoeuer shalbe ashamed of me, and of my wordes, of hym shall the sonne of man be ashamed, whe he commeth in his maiestie, and in the maiestie of his father, and of the holy angels.

27I tell you of a trueth, there be some standyng here, whiche shall not taste of death, tyl they see the kingdome of God.

28And it came to passe, about an eyght dayes after these sayinges, he toke Peter, and Iohn, and Iames, and went vp into a mountayne to pray.

29And as he prayed, the fashion of his countenaunce was chaunged, & his garment was whyte, and shone.

30And beholde, there talked with hym two men, which were Moyses & Elias:

31That appeared in the maiestie, & spake of his departyng, which he shoulde end at Hierusalem.

32But Peter, and they that were with him, were heauie with sleepe: and whe they awoke, they sawe his maiestie, and two men standyng with hym.

33And it came to passe, as they departed fro him, Peter said vnto Iesus: Maister it is good beyng here for vs, let vs make three tabernacles, one for thee, & one for Moyses, and one for Elias: and wyst not what he sayde.

34Whyle he thus spake, there came a cloude, and ouershadowed them, & they feared whe they wer come into ye cloude

35And there came a voyce out of the cloude, saying: this is my deare sonne, heare him.

36And assoone as the voyce was paste, Iesus was founde alone: and they kept it close, and tolde no man in those dayes any of those thynges which they hadde seene.

37And it came to passe, that on the next day, as they came downe from the hyll, much people met hym.

38And beholde, a man of the companie cried out, saying: Maister, I besech thee behold my sonne, for he is all yt I haue:

39And see, a spirite taketh hym, and sodenly he cryeth, and teareth hym, that he fometh agayne, & with much payne departeth from him, when he hath rent hym.

40And I besought thy disciples to cast hym out, and they coulde not.

41Iesus aunswered, and saide: O faithlesse and croked nation, howe long shall I be with you, and shall suffer you? Bryng thy sonne hyther.

42As he was yet a commyng, the fiende rent hym, and tare hym: And Iesus rebuked the vncleane spirite, and healed the chylde, and deliuered hym to his father.

43And they were all amased at the mightie power of God: But whyle they wondred euery one at all thinges which he dyd, he sayde vnto his disciples,

44Let these sayinges sincke downe into your eares: For it wyll come to passe, that the sonne of man shalbe deliuered into the handes of men.

45But they wyst not what that worde meant, and it was hydde from them that they vnderstoode it not: And they feared to aske hym of that saying.

46Then there arose a disputatio among them, which of them should be the greatest.

47When Iesus perceaued the thought of their heartes, he toke a chylde, and set hym harde by hym,

48And sayde vnto them: Whosoeuer receaueth this chylde in my name, receaueth me: And whosoeuer receaueth me, receaueth him that sent me. For he that is least among you all, the same shalbe great.

49And Iohn aunswered, and sayde: Maister, we sawe one castyng out deuyls in thy name, and we forbad hym, because he foloweth not with vs.

50And Iesus sayde vnto hym, Forbyd ye [hym] not: For he that is not against vs, is with vs.

51And it came to passe, when the tyme was come that he shoulde be receaued vp, he set his face to go to Hierusalem.

52And sent messengers before him: And they went, & entred into a towne of the Samaritanes, to make redy for hym.

53And they woulde not receaue him, because his face was as though he woulde go to Hierusalem.

54When his disciples, Iames & Iohn, sawe this, they sayde: Lord, wylt thou that we comaunde fire to come downe from heauen and consume them, euen as Elias dyd?

55Iesus turned about, & rebuked them, saying: Ye wote not what maner spirite ye are of.

56For the sonne of man is not come to destroye mens lyues, but to saue them. And they went to another towne.

57And it came to passe, that as they went walkyng in the way, a certayne man sayde vnto hym: I wyll folowe thee Lorde whyther so euer thou go.

58And Iesus sayde vnto hym: Foxes haue holes, and byrdes of the ayre haue nestes: but the sonne of man, hath not where to lay his head.

59And he sayde vnto another, folowe me. And the same sayde: Lorde, suffer me first to go and burie my father.

60Iesus sayde vnto hym, Let the dead burie their dead: but go thou & preache the kyngdome of God.

61And another sayde: Lorde I wyll folowe thee, but let me first go byd them farewell, which are at home at my house.

62Iesus sayde vnto hym: No man that putteth his hande to the plowe, and loketh backe, is apt to the kyngdome of God.

Chapter 10Edit

1After these thynges, the Lorde appoynted other seuentie also, and sent them two and two before hym, into euery citie and place, whyther he hym selfe woulde come.

2Therefore sayde he vnto them: The haruest is great, but the labourers are fewe. Pray ye therfore the Lorde of the haruest, to sende foorth labourers into his haruest.

3Go your wayes: beholde, I sende you foorth as lambes among wolfes.

4Beare no wallet, neither scrippe, nor shoes, & salute no man by the way.

5Into whatsoeuer house ye enter, first say, peace be to this house.

6And yf the sonne of peace be there, your peace shall rest vpon hym: yf not, it shall turne to you agayne.

7And in the same house tary styll, eatyng and drinking such thynges as they [shall set before you.] For the labourer is worthy of his rewarde. Go not from house to house.

8And into whatsoeuer citie ye enter, and they receaue you, eate such thynges as are set before you:

9And heale the sicke that are therin, and say vnto them, the kyngdome of God is come nye vpon you.

10But into whatsoeuer citie ye enter, & they receaue you not, go your ways out into the streates of the same, and saye:

11Euen the very dust of our citie, which cleaueth on vs, we do wype of agaynst you: Notwithstandyng, be ye sure of this, that the kyngdome of God was come nye vpon you.

12I say vnto you, that it shalbe easyer in that day for Sodome, then for that citie.

13Wo vnto thee Chorazin, wo vnto thee Bethsaida: For if the miracles had ben done in Tyre and Sidon, whiche haue ben done in you, they had a great whyle ago repented [of their sinnes] syttyng in sackecloth and asshes.

14Therfore it shalbe easyer for Tyre and Sidon at the iudgement, then for you.

15And thou Capernaum, which art exalted to heauen, shalt be thrust downe to hell.

16He that heareth you, heareth me, and he that despiseth you, despiseth me: and he that despiseth me, despiseth hym that sent me.

17And the seuentie turned agayne with ioy, saying: Lord, euen the [very] deuils are subdued to vs through thy name.

18And he said vnto them: I sawe Satan as it had ben lyghtnyng, fallyng downe from heauen.

19Beholde, I geue vnto you power to treade on serpentes, and scorpions, and ouer all maner power of the enemie, & nothyng shall hurt you.

20Neuerthelesse, in this reioyce not, that the spirites are subdued vnto you: but rather reioyce, because your names are written in heauen.

21That same houre reioyced Iesus in the spirite, and sayde: I confesse vnto thee father, Lorde of heauen & earth, that thou hast hyd these thynges from the wise and prudent, and hast opened them vnto babes: Euen so father, for so it pleased thee.

22All thynges are geuen me of my father. No man knoweth who the sonne is, but the father, and who the father is, but the sonne, and he to whom the sonne wyll shewe hym.

23And he turned to his disciples, & sayde secretely: Happy are the eyes which see the thynges that ye see.

24For I tell you, that many prophetes and kynges haue desired to see those thynges whiche ye see, & haue not seene them, and to heare those thinges which ye heare, and haue not hearde them.

25And beholde, a certaine lawyer stoode vp, and tempted him, saying: Maister, what shall I do to inherite eternal lyfe? He sayde vnto hym:

26What is written in the lawe, howe readest thou?

27And he aunswered, and saide: Thou shalt loue the Lorde thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soule, & with all thy strength, and with al thy mynde, and thy neyghbour as thy selfe.

28And he sayde vnto hym, Thou hast aunswered ryght: this do, and thou shalt lyue.

29But he, wyllyng to iustifie hym selfe, said vnto Iesus: and who is my neighbour?

30And Iesus aunswered, and sayde. A certaine man descended from Hierusalem to Hierico, and fell among thieues, which robbed hym of his rayment, and wounded hym, and departed, leauyng hym halfe dead.

31And it befell, that there came downe a certayne priest that same way, and whe he sawe hym, he passed by on the other syde.

32And likewise a Leuite, when he went nye to the place, came and loked on him, and passed by the other syde.

33But a certayne Samaritane, as he iourneyed, came vnto hym, and when he saw him, he had compassion on him.

34And went to hym, and bounde vp his woundes, and powred in oyle and wine, and set hym on his owne beast, and brought hym to a [common] Inne, and made prouision for hym.

35And on the morowe when he departed, he toke out two pence, and gaue them to the hoste, and sayde vnto hym, take cure of hym, and whatsoeuer thou spendest more, when I come agayne, I wyll recompence thee.

36Which nowe of these three, thinkest thou, was neyghbour vnto hym that fell among the thieues?

37And he sayde: He that shewed mercy on hym. Then sayde Iesus vnto hym: Go, and do thou lykewyse.

38Nowe it came to passe, that as they went, he entred into a certayne towne: And a certayne woma, named Martha, receaued hym into her house.

39And this woman had a sister called Marie, whiche also sate at Iesus feete, and hearde his worde.

40But Martha was cumbred about much seruing, and came to hym, & saide: Lorde, doest thou not care that my sister hath lefte me to serue alone? Byd her therfore that she helpe me.

41And Iesus aunswered, and sayde vnto her: Martha, Martha, thou art carefull, and troubled about many thynges:

42Ueryly one is needefull. Mary hath chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.

Chapter 11Edit

1And so it was, that as he was praying in a certaine place, when he ceassed, one of his disciples sayde vnto hym: Lord teache vs to pray, as Iohn also taught his disciples.

2And he said vnto them, When ye pray, say: O our father which art in heauen, halowed be thy name, thy kyngdome come, thy wyll be fulfylled, euen in earth also, as it is in heauen.

3Our dayly breade geue vs this day.

4And forgeue vs our synnes: For euen we forgeue euery man that trespasseth vs. And leade vs not into temptation, but delyuer vs from euyll.

5And he sayde vnto them: Whiche of you shall haue a friende, and shall go vnto hym at mydnyght, and saye vnto hym, friende lende me three loaues,

6For a friende of mine is come out of the way to me, and I haue nothyng to set before hym:

7And he within aunswere, & say, trouble me not, the doore is nowe shut, and my children are with me in bedde, I can not ryse and geue thee.

8I saye vnto you, though he wyll not ryse and geue hym, because he is his friende: yet because of his importunitie he wyll ryse, and geue hym as many as he needeth.

9And I say vnto you, aske, and it shalbe geuen you, seke, and ye shall fynde, knocke, and it shalbe opened vnto you.

10For euery one that asketh, receaueth, and he that seketh, fyndeth, and vnto hym that knocketh, shall it be opened.

11If the sonne shall aske breade, of any of you that is a father, wyll he geue him a stone? Or yf he aske fisshe, wyll he for fisshe geue hym a serpent?

12Or yf he aske an egge, wyll he offer hym a scorpion?

13If ye then, being euyll, can geue good gyftes vnto your chyldren, howe muche more shall your father of heauen geue the holy spirite, to them that desire [it] of hym.

14And he was castyng out a deuyll, and the same was dumbe. And it came to passe, when the deuyll was gone out, the dumbe spake, & the people wondred.

15But some of the sayde, he casteth out deuils through Beelzebub, the chiefe of the deuils.

16And other tempted him, and required of hym a signe from heauen.

17But he knowyng their thoughtes, sayde vnto them: Euery kyngdome deuided agaynst it selfe, is desolate: and a housed [deuided] agaynst a house, falleth.

18If Satan also be deuided against him selfe, howe shall his kyngdome endure? Because ye saye that I cast out deuils through Beelzebub.

19If I by the helpe of Beelzebub cast out deuils, by whose helpe do your chyldren cast them out? Therfore shall they be your iudges.

20But yf I with the fynger of God cast out deuyls, no doubt the kyngdome of God is come vpon you.

21When a strong man armed, kepeth his palace, ye thynges that he possesseth are in peace.

22But whe a stronger then he commeth vpon hym, and ouercommeth hym, he taketh from him all his harnesse, wherin he trusted, and deuideth his goodes.

23He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth [abrode.]

24When the vncleane spirite is gone out of a man, he walketh through drye places, sekyng rest: and when he fyndeth none, he sayth, I wyll returne vnto my house, whence I came out.

25And when he commeth, he fyndeth it swept and garnisshed.

26Then goeth he, and taketh to hym seuen other spirites, worse then him selfe, and they enter in, and dwell there: and the ende of that man, is worse then the begynnyng.

27And it came to passe, that as he spake these thynges, a certayne woman of the company lyft vp her voyce, & saide vnto hym: Happy is the wombe that bare thee, and the pappes whiche gaue thee sucke.

28But he sayde: Yea rather happy are they that heare the worde of God, and kepe it.

29When the people were gathered thicke together, he began to saye: This is an euyll natio, they seke a signe, and there shall no signe be geuen them, but the signe of Ionas the prophete.

30For as Ionas was a signe to the Niniuites, so shall also the sonne of man be to this nation.

31The Queene of the south shall ryse in iudgement with the men of this nation, and condempne them: for she came from the vtmost partes of the earth, to heare the wisedome of Solomon: And beholde, a greater then Solomon is here.

32The men of Niuiue shall rise in iudgement with this nation, and shall condempne them, for they repented at the preachyng of Ionas: and beholde, a greater then Ionas is here.

33No man lyghteth a candle, & putteth it in a priuie place, neither vnder a busshell: but on a candlesticke, that they which come in may see the lyght,

34The lyght of the body, is the eye: Therefore when thyne eye is single, all thy body also shalbe full of lyght. But if thyne eye be euyll, thy body also shalbe full of darknesse.

35Take heede therefore, that the lyght which is in thee, be not darknes.

36If all thy body therfore be cleare, hauyng no part darke, then shall it all be full of lyght, euen as when a candle doth lyght thee with bryghtnes.

37And as he spake, a certaine pharisee besought hym to dyne with hym: and Iesus went in, & sate downe to meate.

38When the pharisee sawe it, he marueyled that he had not first wasshed before dynner.

39And the Lorde said vnto him: Now do ye pharisees make cleane the outsyde of the cuppe, and the platter, but the inward part is full of your rauenyng and wickednesse.

40Ye fooles, dyd not he that made that whiche is without, make that which is within also?

41But rather geue almes of those thynges which are within, and beholde all thynges are cleane vnto you.

42But wo vnto you pharisees: for ye tithe mint & rue, and al maner hearbes, and passe ouer iudgement, and the loue of God: These ought ye to haue done, and yet not to leaue the other vndone.

43Wo vnto you pharisees: for ye loue the vppermost seates in ye synagogues, and greetynges in the markettes.

44Wo vnto you scribes and pharisees, ye hypocrites: for ye are as graues which appeare not, and the men that walke ouer them, are not ware of them.

45Then aunswered one of the lawyers, and sayde vnto him: Maister, thus saying, thou puttest vs to rebuke also.

46And he sayde, Wo vnto you also ye lawyers: for ye lade me with burthens greeuous to be borne, and ye your selues touche not ye burthens with one of your fyngers.

47Wo vnto you, ye buylde the sepulchres of the prophetes, and your fathers kylled them.

48Truely, ye beare witnesse that ye alowe the deedes of your fathers: for they kylled them, and ye buylde their sepulchres.

49Therfore saide the wisedome of God, I wyl sende them prophetes and apostles, and some of them they shall slaye and persecute:

50That the blood of all the prophetes, which is shedde, from the foundation of the worlde, may be required of this generation,

51From the blood of Abel, vnto ye blood of Zacharie, whiche perished betwene the aulter & the temple: Ueryly I saye vnto you, it shalbe required of this nation.

52Wo vnto you lawyers: for ye haue taken away the keye of knowledge, ye entred not in your selues, and them that came in, ye forbad.

53When he thus spake vnto them, the lawyers & the pharisees began to vrge hym vehemently, and to prouoke hym to speake many thynges.

54Laying wayte for hym, and sekyng to catche somethyng out of his mouth, wherby they myght accuse hym.

Chapter 12Edit

1In ye meane tyme, whe ther were gathered together an innumerable multitude of people [insomuch] that they trode one another, he began to saye vnto his disciples. First of all, beware of the leuen of the pharisees, which is hypocrisie.

2For there is nothyng couered, that shall not be vncouered, neither hyd, that shall not be knowen.

3Therfore, whatsoeuer you haue spoken in darkenesse, shalbe hearde in the light: and that which ye haue spoken in the eare, euen in secrete places, shalbe preached on the toppe of the houses.

4And I say vnto you my friendes, be not afrayde of them that kyll the body, and after that, haue no more that they can do.

5But I wyll forewarne you who you shall feare: Feare hym, which after he hath killed, hath power to cast into hell, yea I say vnto you, feare hym.

6Are not fyue sparrowes bought for two farthynges? and not one of them is forgotten before God.

7Also, eue the very heeres of your head are all numbred. Feare not therfore, ye are more of value the many sparrowes.

8Also I say vnto you, whosoeuer confesseth me before men, hym shall the sonne of man knowledge also, before the angels of God.

9But he that denyeth me before men, shalbe denyed before the angels of God.

10And whosoeuer speaketh a worde agaynst the sonne of man, it shalbe forgeuen hym: But vnto hym that blasphemeth the holy ghost, it shall not be forgeuen.

11And when they bryng you vnto the synagogues, and vnto the rulers and officers, take ye no thought, how or what thyng ye shall aunswere, or what ye shall speake.

12For the holy ghost shall teache you in the same houre what ye ought to say.

13One of the companie sayde vnto hym: Maister, speake to my brother, that he deuide the inheritauce with me.

14And he sayde vnto hym: Man, who made me a iudge or a deuider ouer you?

15And he sayde vnto them, Take heede & beware of couetousnes: For no mans lyfe standeth in the aboundaunce of the thynges which he possesseth.

16And he put foorth a similitude vnto the, saying: The grounde of a certaine ryche man brought foorth plentifull fruites.

17And he thought within him selfe, saying, What shall I do, because I haue no rowme where to bestow my fruites?

18And he sayde, this wyll I do, I wyll destroy my barnes, and buylde greater, and therin wyll I gather all my fruites and my goodes.

19And I wyll saye to my soule: Soule, thou hast much goods layed vp [in store] for many yeres, take thyne ease, eate, drynke, and be mery.

20But God sayde vnto hym: Thou foole, this nyght wyll they fetch awaye thy soule againe fro thee: Then whose shall those thynges be, which thou hast prouided?

21So is he that gathereth riches to him selfe, and is not ryche towardes God.

22And he spake vnto his disciples: Therfore I say vnto you, take no thought for your lyfe, what ye shall eate, neither for the body what ye shall put on.

23The lyfe is more then meate, and the body is more then rayment.

24Consider the Rauens, for they neither sowe nor reape, whiche neither haue storehouse nor barne, and God feedeth them: Howe much more are ye better then [fethered] fowles?

25Which of you, with takyng thought, can adde to his stature one cubite?

26If ye then be not able to do that thing which is least: why take ye thought for the remnaunt?

27Consider the Lylies how they growe, they labour not, they spinne not: and yet I say vnto you, that Solomon in al his royaltie was not clothed lyke one of these.

28If God so clothe the grasse, whiche is to daye in the fielde, and to morowe is cast into the furnasse, howe much more wyll he clothe you, O ye of litle fayth?

29And aske not ye what ye shall eate, or what ye shall drynke, neither be ye of doubtfull mynde:

30For all suche thynges do the [Heathen] people of the worlde seke for: and your father knoweth that ye haue neede of these thynges.

31But rather seke ye after ye kyngdome of God, and all these thinges shalbe ministred vnto you.

32Feare not litle flocke, for it is your fathers pleasure to geue you a kyngdome.

33Sell that ye haue, and geue almes: and prepare you bagges whiche waxe not olde, euen a treasure that fayleth not in heauen, where no thiefe cometh, neither moth corrupteth.

34For where your treasure is, there wyl your hearte be also.

35Let your loynes be girde about, and your lyghtes brennyng,

36And ye your selues like vnto men, that wayte for their Lorde, when he wyll returne from the weddyng, that when he commeth, and knocketh, they maye open vnto hym immediatly.

37Happy are those seruauntes, who the Lorde, when he commeth, shall fynde wakyng. Ueryly I say vnto you, that he shall girde him selfe, and make them to syt downe to meate, and wyll come foorth, and minister vnto them.

38And yf he come in the seconde watche, yea if he come in the thirde watche, and fynde them so, happye are those seruauntes.

39This vnderstande, that yf the good man of the house knew what houre the thiefe woulde come, he woulde surely watche, and not suffer his house to be dygged through.

40Be ye therfore redy also, for ye sonne of man wyll come at an houre when ye thynke not.

41Then Peter saide vnto him: Maister, tellest thou this similitude vnto vs, or to all [men?]

42And the Lorde saide: Who is a faythfull and wyse stewarde, whom his lorde shall make ruler ouer his housholde, to geue them their portion of meate in due season?

43Happye is that seruaunt, whom his lorde when he commeth, shall fynde so doyng.

44Of a trueth I saye vnto you, that he wyll make hym ruler ouer all that he hath.

45But & yf that seruaut say in his heart, my lorde wyll deferre his commyng, and shall begyn to smyte the seruauntes and maydens, and to eate and drynke, and to be dronken,

46The Lord of that seruaunt wyll come in a day when he thynketh not, and at an houre when he is not ware, and wyll hewe hym in peeces, and geue hym his portion with the vnbeleuers.

47And the seruaunt that knewe his maisters wyll, and prepared not hym selfe, neither dyd accordyng to his wyll, shalbe beaten with many strypes.

48But he that knewe not, and did comit thynges worthy of strypes, shalbe beaten with fewe strypes. For vnto whosoeuer much is geuen, of him shalbe much required: and to whom men haue committed much, of hym wyl they aske the more.

49I am come to sende fire on ye earth, and what is my desire, but that it be alredye kindled?

50Notwithstandyng, I must be baptized with a baptisme, and howe am I payned tyll it be ended?

51Suppose ye that I am come to sende peace on earth? I tell you naye, but rather deuision.

52For fro hencefoorth there shalbe fyue in one house deuided, three against two, and two against three.

53The father shalbe deuided against the sonne, and the sonne against the father: The mother agaynst the daughter, and the daughter agaynst the mother: The mother in lawe against her daughter in lawe, and the daughter in lawe against her mother in lawe.

54He sayde also to the people: When ye see a cloude rise out of the west, straightway ye say there cometh a showre, and so it is.

55And whe ye see the south wynd blow, ye say it wyll be hotte, and it commeth to passe.

56Ye hypocrites, ye can discerne the outwarde appearaunce of the skye, and of the earth: but howe is it that ye cannot discerne this tyme?

57Yea, and why iudge ye not of your selues what is ryght?

58When thou goest with thine aduersarie to the ruler, as thou art in the waye, geue diligence that thou mayest be deliuered from hym, lest he bryng thee to the iudge, and the iudge deliuer thee to the iayler, and the iayler caste thee into prison.

59I tel thee, thou shalt not depart thence, tyll thou haue made good the vtmost mite.

Chapter 13Edit

1There were present at the same seaso, certaine men, that shewed him of ye Galileans, whose blood Pilate hadde myngled with their owne sacrifice.

2And Iesus aunswered, and sayde vnto them: Suppose ye that these Galileans, were greater sinners then all the others Galileans, because they suffred such punishment?

3I tell you naye: but except ye repent, ye shall all lykewyse peryshe.

4Or those eyghteene vpon whiche the towre in Siloe fell, and slewe them, thynke ye that they were sinners aboue all men that dwelt in Hierusalem?

5I tell you naye: but except ye repent, ye shall all lykewyse peryshe.

6He tolde also this similitude. A certaine man had a figge tree planted in his vineyarde, and he came, and sought fruite theron, and founde none.

7Then sayde he to the dresser of his vineyarde: Beholde, this three yere I haue come & sought fruite in this figge tree, and finde none: cut it downe, why cumbreth it the grounde?

8And he aunswered, & sayde vnto him: Lorde, let it alone this yere also, tyll I dygge rounde about it, & dongue it.

9And yf it beare fruite [thou mayest] let it alone: and yf it beare not then, after that shalt thou cut it downe.

10And he taught in one of their synagogues on the Sabboth dayes.

11And beholde, there was a woman, which had a spirite of infirmitie eyghteene yeres, and was bowed together, and coulde in no wyse lyft vp her head.

12When Iesus sawe her, he called her to hym, and sayde vnto her: Woman, thou art loosed from thy disease.

13And he layde his handes on her, and immediatly, she was made strayght, and glorified God.

14And the ruler of the synagogue aunswered with indignation, because that Iesus had healed on the Sabboth day, & sayde vnto the people: There are sixe dayes, in which men ought to worke, in them therfore come, that ye may be healed, and not on the Sabboth day.

15But the Lorde aunswered hym, and sayde: Thou hypocrite, doth not eche one of you on the Sabboth day, loose his oxe or his asse from the staule, and leade hym to the water?

16And ought not this daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bounde, lo eyghteene yeres, be loosed from this bonde on the Sabboth day?

17And when he sayde these thynges, all his aduersaries were ashamed, and all the people reioyced on all the excellent deedes that were done by hym.

18Then sayde he: What is the kyngdome of God lyke? or whereto shall I compare it?

19It is like a grayne of mustarde seede, whiche a man toke & sowed in his garden: and it grewe, and waxed a great tree, and the foules of the ayre made nestes in the braunches of it.

20And agayne he sayde: Whervnto shall I lyken the kyngdome of God?

21It is lyke leuen, which a woman toke, and hyd in three peckes of meale, tyll all was leuened.

22And he went through all cities and townes, teachyng, and iourneying towardes Hierusalem.

23Then sayde one vnto hym: Lorde, are there fewe that be saued? And he sayde vnto them:

24Stryue to enter in at the strayte gate: for many I say vnto you, wyll seke to enter in, and shall not be able.

25When the good man of the house is risen vp, and hath shut to the doore, and ye begyn to stande without, & to knocke at the doore, saying, Lorde, Lorde, open vnto vs: and he shall aunswere, and say vnto you, I knowe you not whence ye are.

26Then shall ye begyn to say: We haue eaten and dronken in thy presence, and thou hast taught in our streates.

27And he shall say, I tell you, I knowe you not, whence ye are: depart from me all ye that worke iniquitie.

28There shalbe weepyng & gnasshyng of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Iacob, and all the prophetes, in the kyngdome of God, and ye your selues thrust out.

29And they shall come from the east and from the west, and from the north, and from the south, and shall syt downe in the kyngdome of God.

30And beholde, there are last, which shalbe first: And there are first, which shalbe last.

31The same day, came there certaine of the pharisees, and sayde vnto hym: Get thee out, and depart hence, for Herode wyll kyll thee.

32And he sayde vnto them: Go ye, and tell that foxe, beholde, I cast out deuyls, & heale the people to day & to morowe, and the thirde day I shalbe perfected.

33Neuerthelesse, I must walke to day and to morowe, and the day folowyng: For it can not be, that a prophete perishe any other where, saue at Hierusalem.

34O Hierusalem, Hierusalem, which kyllest prophetes, and stonest them that are sent vnto thee, howe often woulde I haue gathered thy children together, as a henne doth gather her young vnder her wynges, and ye woulde not?

35Beholde, your house is left vnto you desolate. Ueryly I say to you, ye shall not see me, vntyll the tyme come that ye shall say, Blessed is he that commeth in the name of the Lorde.

Chapter 14Edit

1And it came to passe, that he went into the house of one of ye chiefe pharisees, to eate bread on the Sabboth day, & they watched hym.

2And beholde, there was a certayne man before hym, which had the dropsie.

3And Iesus aunswered, and spake vnto the lawyers & pharisees, saying: Is it lawful to heale on the Sabboth day?

4And they helde their peace. And he toke hym, & healed him, and let him go,

5And aunswered them, saying: Which of you shal haue an asse or an oxe fallen into a pyt, and wyll not strayghtway pull hym out, on the Sabboth day?

6And they coulde not aunswere hym agayne to these thynges.

7He put foorth also a similitude to the ghestes, when he marked howe they chose out the chiefe rowmes, and sayde vnto them:

8When thou art bydden of any man to a weddyng, syt not downe in the hyest rowme: lest a more honourable man then thou, be bydden of hym,

9And he, that bad hym and thee, come, and say to thee, geue this man rowme: & thou then begyn with shame, to take the lowest rowme.

10But when thou art bydden, go and syt in the lowest rowme, that when he that bad thee cometh, he may say vnto thee, friende syt vp hyer: Then shalt thou haue worshyppe in the presence of them that syt at meate with thee.

11For whosoeuer exalteth hym selfe, shalbe brought lowe: And he that humbleth hym selfe, shalbe exalted.

12Then sayde he also to hym that bad hym [to meate:] When thou makest a dinner or a supper, call not thy friendes, nor thy brethren, neither thy kynsemen, nor thy ryche neyghbours, lest they also byd thee agayne, and a recompence be made thee.

13But when thou makest a feast, call the poore, the feeble, the lame, & the blynde,

14And thou shalt be happy, for they can not recompence thee: For thou shalt be recompenced at the resurrection of the iust [men.]

15When one of them, that sate at meate also, hearde these thynges, he sayde vnto hym: Happy is he that eateth bread in the kyngdome of God.

16Then sayde he vnto hym. A certayne man ordayned a great supper, and bad many,

17And sent his seruaunt at supper tyme, to say to them that were bydden, come, for all thynges are nowe redy.

18And they all at once began to make excuse. The first sayde vnto hym: I haue bought a farme, & I must needes go & see it, I pray thee haue me excused.

19And another sayde: I haue bought fiue yoke of oxen, and I go to proue them, I pray thee haue me excused.

20And another sayde: I haue maryed a wyfe, and therfore I can not come.

21And the seruaunt returned, & shewed his maister these thynges. Then was the good man of the house displeased, & sayde to his seruaunt: Go out quickly into the brode streates and lanes of the citie, and bryng in hyther the poore, and the feeble, and the halt, and the blynde.

22And the seruaunt sayde: Lorde, it is done as thou hast commaunded, and yet there is rowme.

23And the Lorde sayde to the seruaunt: Go out into the hye wayes & hedges, and compell them to come in, that my house may be fylled.

24For I say vnto you, that none of those men which were bydden, shall taste of my supper.

25There went a great companie with hym: and he returned, and sayde vnto them,

26If any man come to me, and hate not his father and mother, and wyfe, and chyldren, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his owne lyfe also, he can not be my disciple.

27And whosoeuer doth not beare his crosse, and come after me, can not be my disciple.

28For which of you, disposed to buylde a towre, sitteth not downe before, and counteth the cost, whether he haue sufficient to perfourme it?

29Lest after he hath layde the foundation, and is not able to perfourme it, all that beholde it, begyn to mocke hym,

30Saying: this man began to buylde, and was not able to make an ende?

31Or what kyng, goyng to make battell against another kyng, sitteth not downe first, and casteth in his mynde, whether he be able with ten thousande, to meete hym, that commeth agaynst hym with twentie thousande?

32Or els, whyle the other is yet a great way of, he sendeth an imbassage, and desireth conditions of peace.

33So lykewyse, whosoeuer he be of you, that forsaketh not all that he hath, he can not be my disciple.

34Salt is good, but if ye salt haue lost the saltnes, what shalbe seasoned therwith?

35It is neither good for the lande, nor yet for the doung hyll: but men cast it out [at the doores.] He that hath eares to heare, let hym heare.

Chapter 15Edit

1Then resorted vnto hym all the publicanes and sinners, for to heare hym.

2And the pharisees & scribes murmured, saying: he receaueth sinners, and eateth with them.

3But he put foorth this parable vnto them, saying:

4What man of you, hauyng an hundred sheepe, if he loose one of them, doth not leaue ninetie and nine in the wildernesse, and go after that which is lost, vntyll he fynde it?

5And when he hath founde it, he layeth it on his shoulders with ioy:

6And assoone as he commeth home, he calleth together his louers and neyghbours, saying vnto them: Reioyce with me, for I haue founde my sheepe which was lost.

7I say vnto you, that lykewyse ioy shalbe in heauen ouer one sinner that repenteth, more then ouer ninetie and nine iust persons, which neede no repentaunce.

8Either what woman, hauyng tenne peeces of siluer, yf she loose one, doth not lyght a candle, and swepe the house, and seke diligently tyll she fynde it?

9And when she hath founde it, she calleth her louers & her neyghbours together, saying: Reioyce with me, for I haue founde the peece which I had lost.

10Lykewyse I say vnto you, shall there be ioy in the presence of the Angels of God, ouer one sinner that repenteth.

11And he sayde. A certayne man had two sonnes:

12And the younger of them sayde to his father: father, geue me the portion of the goodes, that to me belongeth. And he deuided vnto them his substaunce.

13And not long after, when the younger sonne had gathered all that he had together, he toke his iourney into a farre countrey, and there wasted his goodes with riotous lyuyng.

14And when he had spent all, there arose a great dearth in all that lande, and he began to lacke.

15And he ioyned hym selfe to a citizen of that countrey: and he sent hym to his farme, to feede swyne.

16And he woulde fayne haue fylled his belly with the coddes that the swyne dyd eate: and no man gaue vnto hym.

17Then he came to hym selfe, and sayde: Howe many hyred seruauntes at my fathers house haue bread inough, and I perishe with hunger?

18I wyll aryse, and go to my father, and wyll say vnto hym: Father, I haue sinned agaynst heauen, and before thee,

19And am no more worthy to be called thy sonne, make me as one of thy hyred seruauntes.

20And he arose, and came to his father. But when he was yet a great way of, his father sawe him, & had compassion, and ranne, and fell on his necke, and kissed hym.

21And the sonne sayde vnto him: Father, I haue sinned agaynst heauen, and in thy syght, and am no more worthy to be called thy sonne.

22But the father saide to his seruauntes: bryng foorth the best garment, and put it on hym, and put a ryng on his hande, and shoes on his feete:

23And bryng [hyther] that fat calfe, and kyll it, and let vs eate and be mery:

24For this my sonne was dead, and is aliue agayne, he was lost, and is founde. And they began to be mery.

25The elder brother was in the fielde: and when he came and drewe nye to the house, he hearde minstrelsie & daunsing,

26And called one of his seruauntes, and asked, what those thynges meant.

27And he sayde vnto hym: thy brother is come, and thy father hath kylled the fat calfe, because he hath receaued hym safe and sounde.

28And he was angry, and woulde not go in: Therfore came his father out, and entreated hym.

29He aunswered and sayde to his father: Lo, these many yeres haue I done thee seruice, neither brake I at any tyme thy commaundement, and yet thou neuer gauest me a kidde to make mery with my friendes:

30But assoone as this thy sonne was come, which hath deuoured thy goodes with harlottes, thou hast for his pleasure kylled that fat calfe.

31And he sayde vnto hym: Sonne, thou art euer with me, and all that I haue, is thyne,

32It was meete that we shoulde make mery and be glad: for this thy brother was dead, and is alyue agayne: and was lost, and is founde.

Chapter 16Edit

1And he sayde also vnto his disciples. There was a certayne riche man, which had a stewarde, and the same was accused vnto hym that he had wasted his goodes.

2And he called hym, and sayde vnto hym: Howe is it, that I heare this of thee? Geue accomptes of thy stewardeshyppe, for thou mayest be no longer stewarde.

3The stewarde sayde within hymselfe: What shall I do, for my maister taketh away from me the stewardshyppe? I can not digge, & to begge I am ashamed.

4I wote what to do, that when I am put out of the stewardshippe, they may receaue me into their houses.

5So, whe he had called all his maisters detters together, he sayde vnto the first: Howe muche owest thou vnto my maister?

6And he sayde, an hundreth measures of oyle. And he sayde vnto hym: Take thy byll, and syt downe quickely, and write fiftie.

7Then sayde he to another: Howe much owest thou? And he sayde, an hundreth measures of wheate. He sayde vnto hym: Take thy byll, and write fourescore.

8And the Lord commended the vniuste stewarde, because he had done wisely. For the chyldren of this worlde are in their nation, wiser then the chyldren of lyght.

9And I saye vnto you, make you friends of the vnrighteous Mammo, that when ye shall haue neede, they may receaue you into euerlastyng habitations.

10He that is faythfull in that which is least, is faythfull also in much. And he that is vnrighteous in the least, is vnrighteous also in much.

11So then, yf ye haue not ben faythfull in the vnryghteous Mammon, who shall trust you in the true treasure?

12And yf ye haue not ben faythfull in another mans businesse, who shall geue you that which is your owne?

13No man can serue two maisters: For either he shall hate the one, and loue the other: or els, he shall leane to the one, and despise the other. Ye can not serue God, and Mammon.

14All these thynges heard the pharisees also, which were couetous, and they mocked hym.

15And he sayde vnto them, Ye are they which iustifie your selues before men: but God knoweth your heartes. For that which is hyghly esteemed among men, is abhominable in the syght of God.

16The lawe & the prophetes [raigned] vntyll Iohn, and sence that tyme, the kyngdome of God is preached, & euery man stryueth to go in.

17Easyer is it for heauen and earth to perishe, the one title of the lawe to faile.

18Whosoeuer forsaketh his wyfe, and marieth another, committeth adulterie. And he that maryeth her that is deuorced from her husbande, committeth adulterie [also.]

19Ther was a certaine riche man, whiche was clothed in purple & fine whyte, and fared very deliciously euery day.

20And there was a certayne begger, named Lazarus, which was layde at his gate full of sores:

21And desiring to be refresshed with the crumbes which fell from ye riche mans boorde [And no man gaue vnto hym]: but the dogges came and licked his sores.

22And it came to passe, that the begger dyed, and was caryed by the Angels into Abrahams bosome. The riche man also dyed, and was buryed.

23And beyng in hell in tormentes, he lyft vp his eyes, and sawe Abraham a farre of, and Lazarus in his bosome,

24And he cryed and sayde: father Abraham, haue mercie on me, and sende Lazarus that he may dippe the tippe of his fynger in water, and coole my tongue: for I am tormented in this flambe.

25But Abraham sayde: Sonne, remember that thou in thy lyfe tyme, receauedst thy pleasure, and lykewyse Lazarus paynes: But nowe is he comforted, and thou art tormented.

26Beyonde all this, betweene vs & you there is a great gulfe set, so that they which woulde go from hence to you, can not, neither may come from thence to vs.

27Then he sayde: I pray thee therfore father, sende hym to my fathers house.

28For I haue fyue brethren, that he may witnesse vnto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.

29Abraham sayde vnto hym: they haue Moyses and the prophetes, let them heare them.

30And he sayde, nay father Abraham: but yf one come vnto them from the dead, they wyll repent.

31He sayde vnto hym: If they heare not Moyses & the prophetes, neither wyll they beleue, though one rose from death agayne.

Chapter 17Edit

1He sayde vnto the disciples, it can not be but offences wyll come, neuerthelesse, wo vnto hym, through whom they come.

2It were better for hym, that a mylstone were hanged about his necke, & he cast into the sea, then that he shoulde offende one of these litle ones.

3Take heede to your selues: If thy brother trespasse agaynst thee, rebuke hym: and yf he repent, forgeue hym.

4And though he sinne agaynst thee seuen tymes in a day, and seuen tymes in a day turne agayne to thee, saying, it repenteth me: thou shalt forgeue hym.

5And the Apostles sayde vnto the Lorde: increase our fayth.

6And the Lorde sayde: If ye had fayth [as much] as a grayne of mustarde seede, & should say vnto this Sycamine tree, plucke vp thy selfe by the rootes, and plant thy selfe in the sea, it shoulde obey you.

7But which of you, hauyng a seruaunt plowyng, or feedyng cattell, woulde say vnto hym by & by when he were come from the fielde, go and syt downe at the table:

8And woulde not rather say vnto hym, dresse, wherwith I may suppe, & gyrde vp thy selfe, and serue me, tyll I haue eaten and dronken, and afterward eate thou, and drynke thou?

9Doth he thanke that seruaunt, because he dyd the thynges that were commaunded vnto hym? I trowe not.

10So lykewyse ye, when ye haue done all those thynges which are commaunded you, say, We are vnprofitable seruauntes, We haue done that which was our duetie to do.

11And so it was, as he went to Hierusalem, that he passed through the myddest of Samaria and Galilee.

12And as he entred into a certayne towne, there met hym ten men that were lepers, which stoode a farre of,

13And put foorth their voyces, & sayde: Iesu maister, haue mercie on vs.

14When he sawe them, he sayde vnto them: Go shewe your selues vnto the priestes. And it came to passe, that as they went, they were clensed.

15And one of them, when he sawe that he was healed, turned backe [agayne] and with a loude voyce praysed God:

16And fell downe on his face at his feete, and gaue hym thankes: And the same was a Samaritane.

17And Iesus aunswered, and sayde: Are there not ten clensed? But where are those nine?

18There are not founde that returned agayne, to geue God prayse, saue [only] this straunger.

19And he sayde vnto hym: aryse, go thy way, thy fayth hath made thee whole.

20When he was demaunded of the pharisees, when the kyngdome of God shoulde come: he aunswered them, and sayde, The kyngdome of God shall not come with obseruation.

21Neither shall they say, lo here, or lo there: For beholde, the kyngdome of God is within you.

22And he sayde vnto the disciples: the dayes wyll come, when ye shall desyre to see one day of the sonne of man, and ye shall not see it.

23And they shall say to you, See here, see there: Go not after them, nor folowe them.

24For as the lyghtnyng, that lyghtneth out of the one part that is vnder heauen, and shyneth vnto the other part which is vnder heauen: so shall the sonne of man be in his daye.

25But first must he suffer many thynges, and be refused of this nation.

26And as it was in the dayes of Noe: so shall it be also in the dayes of the sonne of man.

27They dyd eate, and drynke, they maryed wiues, and were maryed, euen vnto the same day that Noe went into the Arke: and the fludde came, & destroyed them all.

28Lykewyse also as it was in the dayes of Lot: they dyd eate, they dranke, they bought, they solde, they planted, they buylded:

29But euen the same day that Lot went out of Sodome, it rayned fire and brimstone from heauen, and destroyed them all.

30Euen thus shall it be, in the day when the sonne of man shalbe reuealed.

31At that day, he which is on the house [top,] and his stuffe in the house, let him not come downe to take it out: And let not him that is in the fielde, turne backe agayne lykewyse, to the thynges that he left behynde.

32Remember lottes wyfe.

33Whosoeuer wyll go about to saue his lyfe, shall loose it: and whosoeuer shall loose his lyfe, shall quicken it.

34I tell you, in that nyght there shalbe two in one bed, the one shalbe receaued, the other shalbe forsaken.

35Two [women] shalbe gryndyng together: the one shalbe receaued, and the other forsaken.

36Two [men] shalbe in the fielde: the one shalbe receaued, & the other forsake.

37And they aunswered, and sayde vnto hym: Where Lorde? He sayde vnto the: Whersoeuer the body shalbe, thyther wyll also the Egles be gathered together.

Chapter 18Edit

1And he put foorth a parable vnto them, to this ende that me ought alwayes to pray, & not to be weery,

2Saying: There was in a certayne citie, a iudge, whiche feared not God, neither regarded man.

3And there was a certayne widdowe in the same citie, and she came vnto him, saying: Auenge me of mine aduersarie.

4And he woulde not for a whyle. But afterwarde he sayde within hym selfe: Though I feare not God, nor care for man,

5Yet because this widdowe [much] troubleth me, I wyll auenge her: leste she come at the last, & make me weery.

6And the Lorde sayde: heare what the vuryghteous iudge sayeth.

7And shall not God auenge his elect, which crye day and nyght vnto hym? yea, though he deferre them,

8I tell you he wyll auenge them, and that quickly. Neuerthelesse, when the sonne of man commeth, shall he fynde fayth on the earth?

9And he tolde this parable vnto certayne which trusted in them selues, that they were perfect, and despised other.

10Two men went vp into the temple to pray: the one a pharisee, and the other a publicane.

11The pharisee stoode and prayed thus with hym selfe: God, I thanke thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, vniust, adulterers, or as this publicane.

12I fast twise in the weeke, I geue tithe of all that I possesse.

13And the publicane standyng a farre of, woulde not lyft vp his eyes to heauen, but smote vpon his brest, saying: God be mercifull to me a sinner.

14I tell you, this man departed [home] to his house iustified, rather then the other. For euery one that exalteth hym selfe, shalbe brought lowe: And he that humbleth hym selfe, shalbe exalted.

15They brought vnto him also infantes that he should touch them: Which, whe his disciples sawe it, they rebuked the.

16But Iesus, when he had called them vnto hym, saide, Suffer chyldre to come vnto me, and forbyd them not: For of such is the kyngdome of God.

17Ueryly I say vnto you: Whosoeuer receaueth not the kyngdome of God, as a chylde, shall not enter therin.

18And a certayne ruler asked hym, saying: Good maister, what ought I to do, to possesse eternall lyfe?

19Iesus sayde vnto hym: Why callest thou me good? None is good, saue God onely.

20Thou knowest the commaundementes: Thou shalt not commit adultrie, thou shalt not kyll, thou shalt not steale, thou shalt not beare false witnesse, honour thy father and thy mother.

21And he sayde: all these haue I kept from my youth vp.

22When Iesus hearde that, he sayde vnto hym: Yet lackest thou one thyng. Sell all that thou hast, and distribute vnto the poore, & thou shalt haue treasure in heauen, and come, folowe me.

23When he hearde this, he was very sory, for he was very riche.

24When Iesus sawe that he was sory, he sayde: With what difficultie shall they that haue money, enter into the kyngdome of God?

25For it is easier for a camel to go through a nedles eye, then for a riche man to enter into the kyngdome of God.

26And they that hearde it, sayde: And who can then be saued?

27And he sayde: The thynges which are vnpossible wih men, are possible with God.

28Then Peter sayde: Lo, we haue forsaken all, and folowed thee.

29He sayde vnto them. Ueryly I say vnto you: there is no man that hath forsaken house, either father, or mother, either brethren, or wyfe, or chyldren, for the kyngdome of Gods sake.

30Which shall not receaue much more in this worlde, and in the worlde to come, lyfe euerlastyng.

31Iesus toke vnto hym the twelue, and sayde vnto them: Beholde, we go vp to Hierusalem, and all thynges shalbe fulfylled to the sonne of man, that are written by the prophetes.

32For he shalbe deliuered vnto the gentiles, and shalbe mocked, and spitefully entreated, and spitted on:

33And when they haue scourged hym, they wyll put hym to death. And the thyrde day he shall aryse agayne.

34And they vnderstoode none of all these thynges. And this saying was hyd from them, so that they perceaued not the thynges which were spoken.

35And it came to passe, that as he was come nie vnto Hierico, a certayne blynde man sate by the wayes syde, beggyng.

36And when he hearde the people passe by, he asked what it meant.

37And they sayde vnto hym, that Iesus of Nazareth passed by.

38And he cryed, saying: Iesu thou sonne of Dauid, haue mercie on me.

39And they which went before, rebuked hym, that he shoulde holde his peace: But he cryed so much the more, thou sonne of Dauid, haue mercie on me.

40And Iesus stoode styll, & commaunded hym to be brought vnto hym. And whe he was come neare, he asked him,

41Saying: What wylt thou that I do vnto thee? And he saide: Lorde, that I may receaue my syght.

42And Iesus sayde vnto hym: receaue thy syght, thy fayth hath saued thee?

43And immediatly he receaued his sight, and folowed hym, praysyng God: And all the people, when they sawe [it,] gaue prayse vnto God.

Chapter 19Edit

1And he entred in, and went through Hierico.

2And beholde, there was a man named Zacheus, which was the chiefe among the publicanes, and was riche [also]:

3And he sought [meanes] to see Iesus, what he shoulde be, & coulde not for the preasse, because he was litle of stature.

4And he ran before, and clymed vp into a wylde fygge tree, to see hym: for he was to come that way.

5And when Iesus came to the place, he loked vp and sawe hym, and sayde vnto hym: Zache, come downe at once, for to day I must abyde at thy house.

6And he came downe hastyly, and receaued hym ioyfully.

7And when they al saw it, they murmured, saying that he was gone in to tary with a man that is a synner.

8And Zache stoode foorth, and sayde vnto the Lorde: Beholde Lorde, the halfe of my goodes I geue to the poore, and yf I haue taken from any man by forged cauillation, I restore him foure folde.

9Iesus sayde vnto hym: This daye is saluation come to this house, because that he also is become the childe of Abraham.

10For the sonne of man is come to seke, and to saue that which was lost.

11And as they hearde these thynges, he added & spake a parable, because he was nye to Hierusale, & because they thought that the kingdome of God should shortly appeare.

12He sayde therfore: A certayne noble man went into a farre countrey, to receaue for hym selfe a kyngdome, and to come agayne.

13And he called his ten seruauntes, & deliuered the ten peeces of money, saying vnto them, Occupie tyl I come.

14But his citezins hated hym, and sent a message after hym, saying: We wyll not haue this man to raigne ouer vs.

15And it came to passe, that whe he had receaued his kyngdome and returned, he commaunded these seruauntes to be called vnto him, to whom he had geuen the money, to wyt howe muche euery man had done in occupying.

16Then came the first, saying: Lorde thy peece hath gayned ten peeces.

17And he sayde vnto hym: Well thou good seruaunt, because thou hast ben faythfull in a very litle thing, haue thou aucthoritie ouer ten cities.

18And the seconde came, saying: Thy peece hath encreased fiue peeces.

19And to the same he sayde, be thou also ruler ouer fyue cities.

20And another came, saying: Lorde beholde here is thy peece, whiche I haue layed vp in a napkin.

21For I feared thee, because thou art a strayte man: Thou takest vp that thou laydest not downe, & reapest that thou dyddest not sowe.

22He sayth vnto hym: Of thyne owne mouth wyll I iudge thee, thou euyll seruaunt. Knewest thou that I am a straite man, taking vp that I layed not downe, & reapyng that I dyd not sowe:

23And wherfore gauest not thou my money into the banke, and at my commyng I myght haue required myne owne with vauntage?

24And he sayde vnto them that stoode by: Take from hym that peece, and geue it to hym that hath ten peeces.

25And they sayde vnto hym: Lorde he hath ten peeces.

26For I say vnto you, that vnto euery one which hath, shalbe geuen: and fro hym that hath not, shalbe taken away euen that he hath.

27Moreouer, those mine enemies, which woulde not that I shoulde raigne ouer the, bring hyther, & slea them before me.

28And when he hadde thus spoken, he went foorth before, ascending vp to Hierusalem.

29And it came to passe, when he was come nye to Bethphage & Bethanie, besides the mount which is called Oliuet, he sent two of his disciples,

30Saying: Go ye into the towne which is ouer agaynst you, into the whiche, assoone as ye are come, ye shall fynde a coult tyed, wheron yet neuer man sate: loose hym, and bryng hym hyther.

31And yf any man aske you, why do ye loose hym, thus shall ye say vnto hym: because the Lorde hath neede of hym.

32They that were sent, went their way, & founde euen as he had said vnto them.

33And as they were a loosyng the coult, the owners therof said vnto them, why loose ye the coult?

34And they sayde: For the Lorde hath neede of hym.

35And they brought hym to Iesus, and cast their rayment on the coult, and set Iesus theron.

36And as he went, they spread their clothes in the way.

37And when he was nowe come nye to the going downe of the mount Oliuete, the whole multitude of the disciples began to reioyce, and to prayse God with a loude voyce, for all the miracles that they had seene.

38Saying: Blessed be the kyng that cometh in the name of the Lorde, peace in heauen, and glory in the hyest.

39And some of the Pharisees of the companie sayde vnto hym: Maister, rebuke thy disciples.

40He saide vnto them: I tell you, that if these holde their peace, then shall the stones crye.

41And when he was come neare, he behelde the citie, and wept on it.

42Saying: If thou haddest knowen those thynges whiche belong vnto thy peace, euen in this thy day: But nowe are they hyd from thyne eyes.

43For the dayes shall come vpon thee, that thyne enemies also shall caste a banke about thee, and compasse thee rounde, and kepe thee in on euery syde:

44And make thee euen with ye grounde, and thy chyldren which are in thee: and they shall not leaue in thee one stone vpo another, because thou knowest not the tyme of thy visitation.

45And he went into the temple, and began to cast out them that solde therin, & them that bought,

46Saying vnto them, it is written: My house is the house of prayer, but ye haue made it a denne of thieues.

47And he taught dayly in the temple. But the hye priestes and the scribes, & the chiefe of the people, went about to destroy hym,

48And coulde not fynde what to do: For all the people stacke by hym, when they hearde hym.

Chapter 20Edit

1And it came to passe, that on one of those dayes, as he taught ye people in the temple, & preached the Gospell, the hie priestes and the scribes came vpo hym, with the elders.

2And spake vnto him, saying: Tell vs by what aucthoritie doest thou these thynges? Eyther who is he that gaue thee this aucthoritie?

3Iesus aunswered, & sayde vnto them: I also wyll aske you one thyng, & aunswere me.

4The baptisme of Iohn, was it from heauen, or of men?

5And they reasoned within the selues, saying, Yf we say from heauen, he wyll say, why then beleued ye hym not?

6But and yf we say of men, all the people wyll stone vs: For they be perswaded that Iohn is a prophete.

7And they aunswered, that they coulde not tell whence it was.

8And Iesus saide vnto them: Neither tell I you by what aucthoritie I do these thynges.

9Then began he to put foorth to the people this parable. A certayne man planted a vineyarde, and let it foorth to husbande men, and went hym selfe into a straunge countrey for a great season.

10And when the time was come, he sent a seruaunt to the husbande men, that they shoulde geue hym of the fruite of the vineyarde. And they beat hym, and sent hym away emptie.

11And agayne, he sent yet another seruaunt: and hym they did beate, and entreated hym shamefully, and sent hym away emptie.

12Agayne, he sent the thirde also: and hym they wounded, and cast hym out.

13Then said the Lord of the vineyarde: What shal I do? I wyl send my deare sonne, it may be they wyll reuerence hym, when they see hym.

14But when the husbande men sawe him, they reasoned within them selues, saying: This is the heyre, come, let vs kyll hym, that the inheritaunce may be ours.

15And they cast him out of the vineyard, and kylled hym. What shall the Lorde of the vineyarde therfore do vnto them?

16He shall come and destroye these husbande men, & shall let out his vineyarde to other. When they hearde this, they sayde, God forbyd.

17And he behelde them, & sayde: What is this then that is written, The stone that the buylders refused, the same is become the head of the corner.

18Whosoeuer doth stumble vppon that stone, shalbe broken: but on whosoeuer it falleth, it wyll grinde hym to powder.

19And the hye priestes & the scribes, the same houre went about to laye handes on hym: and they feared the people. For they perceaued that he had spoken this similitude agaynst them.

20And they watched hym, & sent foorth spyes, which shoulde fayne them selues ryghteous men, to take hym in his wordes, and to delyuer hym vnto the power and aucthoritie of the deputie.

21And they asked him, saying: Maister, we knowe that thou sayest and teachest ryght, neither considerest thou the outwarde appearaunce of any man, but teachest the way of God truely:

22Is is lawfull for vs to geue tribute vnto Caesar, or no?

23He perceaued their craftynesse, & saide vnto them: why tempt ye me?

24Shewe me a penie, whose image and superscription hath it? They aunswered and sayde, Caesars.

25And he sayde vnto them: Geue then vnto Caesar, the thynges which belong vnto Caesar, and to God the thynges that perteyne vnto God.

26And they coulde not reproue his saying before the people: and they marueyled at his aunswere, & helde their peace.

27Then came to hym certayne of the saducees, which denie that there is any resurrection, and they asked hym,

28Saying: Maister, Moyses wrote vnto vs, yf any mans brother dye, hauyng a wyfe, and he dye without chyldren: that then his brother shoulde take his wyfe, & rayse vp seede vnto his brother.

29There were therfore seuen brethren, and the first toke a wyfe, & dyed without chyldren.

30And the seconde toke her, and he dyed chyldlesse.

31And the thirde toke her, & in lykewise the residue of the seuen, and left no chyldren behynde them, and dyed.

32Last of all, the woman dyed also.

33Nowe in the resurrection, whose wife of them shall she be? For seuen had her to wyfe.

34Iesus aunswered and saide vnto the: The chyldren of this worlde marrye wyues, and are marryed:

35But they which shalbe counted worthy to enioy that worlde, and the resurrection from the dead, do not marrye wyues, neither are marryed,

36Nor yet can dye any more: For they are equall vnto the angels, and are the sonnes of God, inasmuche as they are chyldren of the resurrection.

37And that the dead shall ryse agayne, Moyses also sheweth besides the bushe, when he calleth the Lorde the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, & the God of Iacob.

38For he is not a God of dead, but of lyuyng: For all lyue vnto hym.

39Then certayne of the pharisees aunswered, and sayde? Maister, thou hast well sayde.

40And after that, durst they not aske him any question at all.

41And he sayde vnto them: Howe saye they that Christe is Dauids sonne:

42And Dauid hym selfe sayeth in the booke of the psalmes: The Lord saide to my Lord, syt thou on my right hand,

43Tyll I make thine enemies thy footestoole?

44Dauid therfore calleth hym Lorde, & howe is he then his sonne?

45Then in the audience of all the people, he saide vnto his disciples.

46Beware of the scribes, whiche wyll go in long robes, and loue greetinges in the markets, and the hyest seates in the synagogues, and the chiefe rowmes at feastes:

47Which deuour widowes howses vnder colour of longe prayers: The same shall receaue greater dampnation.

Chapter 21Edit

1As he beheld, he sawe the ryche men whiche caste their gyftes into the treasurie.

2He saw also a certaine poore wydowe, which caste in thyther two unites.

3And he sayde, Of a trueth I say vnto you, that this poore wydowe hath put in more then they all.

4For they all haue of their superfluitie added vnto the offerynges of God: but she of her penurie hath cast in al the substaunce that she had.

5And vnto some, that spake of the temple, howe it was garnisshed with goodlie stones and gyftes, he sayde.

6Are these the thynges whiche ye loke vpo? The dayes wyll come, in ye which there shall not be left one stone vpo another, that shall not be throwen downe.

7And they asked him, saying: Maister when shall these thynges be? and what signe wyll there be, when these thynges shall come to passe?

8And he sayde: Take heede, that ye be not deceaued. For many shall come in my name, saying I am Christe, and the tyme draweth neare. Folowe ye them not therfore.

9But when ye heare of warres, and seditios, be not afraide: For these thinges must first come to passe, but the ende foloweth not by and by.

10Then sayde he vnto them: Nation shall ryse agaynst nation, & kyngdome agaynst kyngdome.

11And great earthquakes shalbe in diuers places, and hunger, and pestilence, and fearefull thynges, and great signes shall there be from heauen.

12But before all these, they shall laye their handes on you, and persecute you, deliueryng you vp to the synagogues, & into prisons, and shall bryng you vnto kynges and rulers for my names sake.

13And it shall turne to you for a testimoniall.

14Be at a sure poynt therefore in your heartes, not to studie before what ye shall aunswere:

15For I wyll geue you a mouth, and wysedome, where agaynst, all your aduersaries shall not be able to speake nor resist.

16Yea ye shalbe betrayed also of your parentes, and brethren, and kynsfolke, and friendes, and [some] of you shal they put to death.

17And hated shal ye be of all men for my names sake.

18And there shall not one heere of your head peryshe.

19Possesse ye your soule by patience.

20And whe ye see Hierusalem besieged with an hoast, then be sure that the desolation of the same is nye.

21Then let them which are in Iurie, flee to the mountaynes, and let them which are in the myddes of it, depart out: and let not them that are in other countreys enter therin.

22For these be the dayes of vengeaunce, that all thinges which are written, may be fulfylled.

23But wo vnto the that are with childe, & to them that geue sucke in those days: For there shalbe great distresse in the lande, and wrath ouer this people.

24And they shall fall through the edge of the sworde, and shalbe led away captiue into all nations: And Hierusalem shalbe troden downe of the gentiles, vntyll the tyme of the gentiles be fulfylled.

25And there shalbe signes in the sunne and in the moone, & in the starres: and vpon the earth trouble among the nations, with perplexitie. The sea and the water shall rore.

26And mens heartes shal fayle them for feare, and for loking after those thinges which shall come on the world: For the powers of heauen shalbe shaken.

27And then shall they see the sonne of man come in a cloude, with power and great glorie.

28And when these thynges begyn to come to passe, then loke vp, and lyft vp your heades, for your redemptio draweth nye.

29And he shewed them a similitude: Behold the figge tree, & all the trees.

30When they shoote foorth [their buddes] ye see and knowe of your owne selues that sommer is then nye at hande.

31So likewise ye, when ye see these thinges come to passe, be ye sure that the kyngdome of God is nye.

32Ueryly I say vnto you, this generation shall not passe, tyll all be fulfylled.

33Heauen and earth shall passe, but my wordes shall not passe.

34Take heede to your selues, lest at any tyme your heartes be ouercome with surfettyng and dronkennesse, and cares of this lyfe, and so the daye come vpon you vnwares.

35For as a snare shall it come on al them that dwell on the face of ye whole earth.

36Watche ye therfore, and pray continually, that ye may be accompted worthy to escape all these thinges yt shall come, & that ye may stand before ye sonne of man.

37In the day time he taught in the temple: and at nyght he went out, & abode in the mount that is called Oliuete.

38And all the people came in ye mornyng to hym in the temple, for to heare hym.

Chapter 22Edit

1The feast of sweete breade drewe nye, which is called the Passouer.

2And ye hie priestes and scribes sought howe they myght kyll hym, for they feared the people.

3Then entred Satan into Iudas, whose sirname was Iscariot, whiche was of the number of the twelue.

4And he went his waye, and communed with the hye priestes and officers, howe he myght betray him vnto them.

5And they were glad, and promised to geue him money.

6And he consented, and sought oportunitie to betray him vnto them, when the people were away.

7Then came the day of sweete breade, when [of necessitie] the Passouer must be offered.

8And he sent Peter and Iohn, saying: Go and prepare vs the Passouer, that we may eate.

9They sayde vnto hym: Where wylt thou that we prepare?

10And he sayde vnto them: Beholde, when ye enter into the citie, there shall a man meete you, bearyng a pitcher of water, hym folowe into the same house that he entreth in.

11And ye shall say vnto the good man of the house, the maister saith vnto thee, where is the ghest chamber, where I shall eate ye Passouer with my disciples?

12And he shal shew you an vpper chamber prepared, there make redye.

13And they went, and founde as he had sayde vnto them: and they made redye the Passouer.

14And when the houre was come, he sate downe, & the twelue apostles with hym.

15And he sayde vnto them: I haue earnestly desired to eate this Passouer with you, before that I suffer.

16For I saye vnto you, hencefoorth I wyll not eate of it any more, vntyll it be fulfylled in the kyngdome of God.

17And he toke the cuppe, & gaue thankes, and sayde, Take this, and deuide it aamong you:

18For I say vnto you, I wyll not drinke of the fruite of the vine, vntyll the kyngdome of God come.

19And he toke bread, and when he had geue thankes, he brake [it] and gaue vnto the, saying, This is my body, which is geuen for you: This do in the remembraunce of me.

20Lykewise also, when he had supped, he toke the cuppe, saying: This cuppe is the new testamet in my blood, which is shed for you.

21Yet beholde, the hande of hym that betrayeth me, is with me on the table.

22And truely the sonne of man goeth as it is appoynted: but wo vnto that man by whom he is betrayed.

23And they began to enquire among them selues, which of them it was that shoulde do it.

24And there was a stryfe among the, which of them shoulde seeme to be the greatest.

25And he saide vnto them: The kinges of nations raigne ouer them, and they that haue aucthoritie vpo them, are called gracious Lordes.

26But ye shall not be so. But he that is greatest among you, shalbe as the younger, and he that is chiefe, shalbe as he that doth minister.

27For whether is greater, he that sitteth at meate, or he that serueth? Is not he that sitteth at meate? But I am among you, as he that ministreth.

28Ye are they, which haue bydden with me in my temptations.

29And I appoynt vnto you a kingdome, as my father hath appoynted vnto me.

30That ye may eate and drynke at my table in my kyngdome, & sit on seates iudgyng the twelue tribes of Israel.

31And the Lord saide: Simon, Simon, beholde Satan hath desired to sift you, as it were wheate:

32But I haue prayed for thee, that thy fayth fayle not: And when thou art couerted, strength thy brethren.

33And he sayde vnto him: Lord I am redy to go with thee into pryson, and to death.

34And he sayde: I tell thee Peter, the Cocke shal not crowe this day, tyll thou hast thryse denyed that thou knewest me.

35And he said vnto them: When I sent you without wallet, and scrippe, and shoes, lacked ye any thyng? And they sayde, no.

36Then saide he vnto them: But nowe he that hath a wallet, let him take it vp, and lykewyse his scrippe: and he that hath none, let him sell his coate, and bye a sworde.

37For I say vnto you, that yet the same whiche is written, must be perfourmed in me: Euen among the wicked was he reputed. For those thynges whiche are written of me, haue an ende.

38And they sayde: Lorde, beholde here are two swordes. And he sayde vnto them, it is enough.

39And he came out, and went as he was wont, to mount Oliuete: and the disciples folowed hym.

40And when he came to the place, he sayde vnto them: pray, lest ye fall into temptation.

41And he gate hym selfe from them about a stones caste, and kneeled downe, and prayed,

42Saying: Father, yf thou wylt, remoue this cuppe from me. Neuerthelesse, not my wyl, but thine be fulfilled.

43And there appeared an angell vnto hym from heauen, comfortyng hym.

44And he was in an agonie, and he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was lyke droppes of blood, tricklyng downe to the grounde.

45And when he rose vp from prayer, and was come to his disciples, he founde the slepyng for heauynesse,

46And sayde vnto them, why slepe ye? Rise, & pray lest ye fall into temptation.

47Whyle he yet spake, behold [there came] a company, and he that was called Iudas, one of the twelue, went before the, & preassed nye vnto Iesus to kisse hym.

48But Iesus sayde vnto hym: Iudas, betrayest thou the sonne of man with a kisse?

49When they whiche were about hym sawe what woulde folowe, they sayde vnto hym: Lorde, shall we smyte with sworde?

50And one of them smote a seruaunt of the hye priest, & stroke of his right eare.

51Iesus aunswered and saide, Suffer ye thus farre foorth. And whe he touched his eare, he healed hym.

52Then Iesus said vnto the hye priestes and rulers of the temple, and the elders which were come to hym: Be ye come out as vnto a thiefe, with swordes and staues?

53When I was dayly with you in the temple, ye stretched foorth no handes agaynst me: But this is euen your very houre, and the power of darknesse.

54Then toke they hym, and ledde hym, & brought him to the hye priestes house: and Peter folowed a farre of.

55And when they had kyndeled a fire in the myddes of the hall, and were set downe together, Peter also sate downe among them.

56But when a certayne wenche behelde hym, as he sate by the fire [and earnestlye loked vpon hym] she sayde: This same felowe was also with hym.

57And he denyed hym, saying, woman I knowe hym not.

58And after a litle whyle, another sawe hym, and saide: Thou art also of them. And Peter sayd, man I am not.

59And about the space of an houre after, an other affirmed saying: Ueryly this felowe was with hym also, for he is of Galilee.

60And Peter sayde: Man I wote not what thou sayest. And immediatlye whyle he yet spake, the Cocke crewe.

61And the Lorde turned backe, & loked vpon Peter: And Peter remembred the worde of the Lorde, howe he hadde sayde vnto hym, before the Cocke crowe thou shalt denie me thrise.

62And Peter went out, & wept bitterlye.

63And the men that helde Iesus, mocked hym, and smote hym.

64And when they had blindfolded him, they stroke hym on the face, and asked him, saying: Arede, who is it that smote thee?

65And many other things blasphemouslye spake they against hym.

66And assoone as it was day, the elders of the people, and the hye priestes, and scribes, came together, and led hym into their counsell, saying:

67Art thou [very] Christe, tell vs? And he sayde vnto them: If I tell you, you wyll not beleue:

68And if I aske you, you wyll not aunswere me, nor let me go.

69Hereafter shall the sonne of man sit on the right hand of the power of God.

70Then said they all: Art thou then the sonne of God? He sayde: Ye say yt I am.

71And they sayd? What neede we any further witnesse? For we our selues haue hearde of his owne mouth.

Chapter 23Edit

1And the whole multitude of them arose, & led hym vnto Pilate.

2And they began to accuse hym, saying: We founde this felow peruerting the people, and forbyddyng to paye tribute to Ceasar, saying that he is Christe, a kyng.

3And Pilate apposed hym, saying: Art thou the kyng of the Iewes? He aunswered hym, and sayde: Thou sayest it.

4Then saide Pilate to the hye priestes, and to the people: I finde no fault in this man.

5And they were the more fierce, saying: He moueth the people, teaching thorowout al Iurie, and began at Galilee, euen to this place.

6When Pilate hearde [mention] of Galilee, he asked whether the man were of Galilee.

7And assoone as he knewe that he belonged vnto Herodes iurisdiction, he sent hym to Herode, whiche was also at Hierusalem at that tyme.

8And when Herode sawe Iesus, he was exceeding glad: For he was desirous to see hym of a long season, because he had hearde many thinges of hym, and he trusted to haue seene some miracle done by hym.

9Then he questioned with hym many wordes: But he aunswered hym nothing.

10The hye priestes and scribes stoode foorth, and accused hym straytely.

11And Herode with his men of warre despised him: and when he had mocked hym, he arayed hym in whyte clothing, and sent hym agayne to Pilate.

12And the same day Pilate and Herode were made friendes together: For before they were at variaunce.

13And Pilate called together the hye priestes, and the rulers, and the people,

14And said vnto them: Ye haue brought this man vnto me, as one yt peruerteth the people: and behold, I examine him before you, & finde no fault in this man of those thinges wherof ye accuse hym:

15No, nor yet Herode: For I sent you to hym, and loe nothing worthy of death is done to hym.

16I wyll therefore chasten hym, and let hym loose.

17For of necessitie he must haue let one loose vnto them at the feast.

18And all the people cryed at once, saying: Away with him, and deliuer to vs Barabbas.

19Which for a certaine insurrection made in the citie, and for murther, was cast in pryson.

20Pilate spake agayne to them, wyllyng to let Iesus loose.

21But they cryed, saying: Crucifie hym, crucifie hym.

22He sayde vnto them the thirde tyme: What euyll hath he done? I finde no cause of death in hym, I wyll therefore chasten hym, and let hym go.

23And they were instant with loude voyces, requiring that he might be crucified. And the voyces of them, and of the hye priestes preuayled.

24And Pilate gaue sentence, that it should be as they required.

25And he let loose vnto them, him that for insurrection and murther was caste into prison, whom they had desired, & he deliuered [vnto them] Iesus, to do with hym what they woulde.

26And as they ledde hym away, they caught one Simon of Cyrene comming out of the fielde, and on hym layde they the crosse, that he myght beare it after Iesus.

27And there folowed hym a great companie of people, and of women, which bewayled and lamented hym.

28But Iesus turned backe vnto them, and sayde: [Ye] daughters of Hierusalem, wepe not for me, but wepe for your selues, and for your chyldren:

29For beholde, the dayes wyll come, in the which they shal say : Happy are the barren, & the wombes that neuer bare, & the pappes which neuer gaue sucke.

30Then shall they begin to say to the mountaynes, fall on vs, & to the hylles, couer vs.

31For if they do these thinges in a greene tree, what shalbe done in the drye?

32And there were two euyll doers, led with hym to be slayne.

33And after that they were come to the place whiche is called Caluarie, there they crucified hym, and the euyll doers, one on the right hand, and the other on the left.

34Then said Iesus, Father forgeue the, for they wote not what they do. And they parted his rayment, & cast lottes.

35And the people stoode, and behelde: and the rulers mocked him with them, saying: He saued other [men] let hym saue him selfe, if he be very Christe the chosen of God.

36The souldiours also mocked him, and came and offred him vineger,

37And sayd: If thou be the kyng of the Iewes, saue thy selfe.

38And a superscription was written ouer him, with letters of greke, and latin, and hebrue, This is the king of the Iewes.

39And one of the euyll doers whiche were hanged, rayled on hym, saying: If thou be Christe, saue thy self and vs.

40But the other aunswered, and rebuked hym, saying: Fearest thou not God, seing thou art in the same dampnation?

41We are righteously [punished] for we receaue according to our deedes: But this man hath done nothing amisse.

42And he sayde vnto Iesus: Lorde, remember me, when thou commest into thy kyngdome.

43And Iesus sayde vnto hym: Ueryly I say vnto thee, to day shalt thou be with me in paradise.

44And it was about the sixt houre: and there was a darknesse ouer al the earth vntyll the ninth houre.

45And the sunne was darkned, and the vayle of the temple dyd rent, euen thorowe the middes.

46And when Iesus had cryed with a loude voyce, he sayde: Father into thy handes I commende my spirite. And when he thus had sayde, he gaue vp the ghost.

47When the Centurion saw what was done, he glorified God, saying: Ueryly this was a righteous man.

48And all the people that came together to that sight, & sawe the thinges whiche were done, smote their brestes, and returned.

49And all his acquaintaunce, and the women that folowed him from Galilee stode a farre of, beholding these thinges.

50And beholde, there was a man named Ioseph, a councellour, and he was a good man and a iust:

51The same had not consented to the counsell and deede of them, which was of Aramathia a citie of the Iewes, whiche same also wayted for the kyngdome of God.

52He went vnto Pilate, and begged the body of Iesus,

53And toke it downe, and wrapped it in a linnen cloth, and layde it in a sepulchre that was hewen in stone, wherin neuer man before was layde.

54And that day was the preparing of the Sabbath, & the Sabbath drew on.

55The women that folowed after, whiche had come with hym from Galilee, behelde the sepulchre, and how his body was layde.

56And they returned, and prepared sweete odours and oyntmentes: but rested the Sabbath day, according to the commaundement.

Chapter 24Edit

1But vpon the first day of the Sabbathes, [very] early in the mornyng, they came vnto the sepulchre, & brought ye sweete odours which they had prepared, and other women with them.

2And they founde the stone rolled away from the sepulchre,

3And they went in: but founde not the body of the Lorde Iesu.

4And it came to passe, as they were amased therat: Beholde, two men stoode by them in shinyng garmentes.

5And as they were afrayde, and bowed downe their faces to the earth, they said vnto them: Why seeke ye the lyuyng among the dead?

6He is not here, but is risen: Remember howe he spake vnto you, when he was yet in Galilee,

7Saying: that the sonne of man must be deliuered into the handes of sinfull men, and be crucified, and the thirde day rise agayne.

8And they remembred his wordes,

9And returned from the sepulchre, and tolde all these thinges vnto those eleuen, and to all the remnaunt.

10It was Marie Magdalene, and Ioanna, and Marie Iacobi, and other that were with them, which tolde these thinges vnto the Apostles.

11And their wordes seemed vnto them fayned thynges, neither beleued they them.

12Then arose Peter, and ran vnto the sepulchre, and loked in, and sawe the linnen clothes layde by them selues, and departed, wondryng in him selfe at that which was come to passe.

13And beholde, two of them went that same day to a towne called Emaus, which was from Hierusalem about threescore furlonges.

14And they talked together of all these thynges that were done.

15And it came to passe, that whyle they communed together & reasoned, Iesus him selfe drewe neare, and went with them.

16But their eyes were holden, that they shoulde not knowe him.

17And he sayde vnto them: What maner of communications are these that ye haue one to another as ye walke, and are sad?

18And the one of them, whose name was Cleophas, aunswered, and sayde to him: Art thou only a straunger in Hierusalem, & hast not knowen the thinges which are come to passe there, in these dayes?

19He sayde vnto them: what thynges? And they sayde vnto him: Of Iesus of Nazareth, whiche was a prophete, mightie in deede and worde before God and all the people:

20And howe the hye priestes, and our rulers deliuered him to be condempned to death, and haue crucified him.

21But we trusted that it had ben he which shoulde haue redeemed Israel: And as touchyng all these thynges, to day is euen the thirde day, that they were done.

22Yea, and certayne women also of our companie made vs astonied, which came early vnto the sepulchre,

23And founde not his body, and came, saying that they had seene a vision of angels, which sayde that he was alyue.

24And certayne of them which were with vs, went to the sepulchre, & founde it euen so as the women had sayde: but hym they sawe not.

25And he sayde vnto them: O fooles and slowe of heart, to beleue all that the prophetes haue spoken.

26Ought not Christe to haue suffered these thinges, & to enter into his glory?

27And he began at Moyses, and all the prophetes, and interpreted vnto them in all Scriptures which were writen of hym.

28And they drewe nye vnto the towne which they went vnto, and he made as though he would haue gone further.

29And they constrayned hym, saying: abyde with vs, for it draweth towarde nyght, and the day is farre passed. And he went in to tary with them.

30And it came to passe, as he sate at meate with them, he toke bread, and blessed it, and brake, and gaue to them.

31And their eyes were opened, and they knewe him: and he vanished out of their syght.

32And they sayde betweene them selues: Dyd not our heartes burne within vs, whyle he talked with vs by the way, and opened vnto vs the scriptures?

33And they rose vp the same houre, and returned [agayne] to Hierusalem, and founde the eleuen gathered together, and them that were with them,

34Saying: The Lorde is rysen in deede, and hath appeared to Simon.

35And they tolde what thynges were done in the way, and howe they knewe him in breakyng of bread.

36And as they thus spake, Iesus him selfe stoode in the middes of them, and saith vnto them: Peace be vnto you.

37But they were abasshed and afrayde, & supposed that they had seene a spirite.

38And he sayde vnto them: Why are ye troubled, and why do thoughtes arise in your heartes?

39Beholde my handes and my feete, that it is euen I my selfe: Handle me and see, for a spirite hath not fleshe and bones, as ye see me haue.

40And when he had thus spoken, he shewed them his handes and his feete.

41And whyle they yet beleued not for ioy, and wondred, he sayde vnto them: Haue ye heare any meate?

42And they offered him a peece of a broyled fishe, and of an hony combe.

43And he toke it, and dyd eate before them.

44And he sayde vnto them: These are the wordes which I spake vnto you, whyle I was yet with you, that all must [needes] be fulfylled, which were written of me in the law of Moyses, and in the prophetes, and in the psalmes.

45Then opened he their wittes, that they myght vnderstande the scriptures.

46And sayde vnto them: Thus is it written, and thus it behoued Christe to suffer, and to rise agayne from death the thirde day:

47And that repentaunce and remission of sinnes shoulde be preached in his name among all nations, and must begyn at Hierusalem.

48And ye are witnesses of these thynges.

49And beholde I wyll sende the promise of my father vpon you: But tary ye in the citie of Hierusalem, vntyll ye be endued with power from an hye.

50And he led them out into Bethanie, and lift vp his handes, & blessed them.

51And it came to passe, as he blessed them, he departed from them, and was caryed vp into heauen.

52And they worshipped him, and returned to Hierusalem with great ioy,

53And were continually in the temple, praysyng and laudyng God. Amen.